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Creepy Neighbor Stories That Made Us Want To Move Out ASAP

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Being friendly or familiar with the people next door can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you have someone to borrow sugar from and keep an eye on the house when you're away. On the other, you could find out you've actually got some pretty creepy neighbors. Then you're stuck with the knowledge that there are some unsettling things happening just a door or two down - scary things that might spread over property lines.

These creepy neighbor stories prove that sometimes neighbors aren't just nosy or annoying. Sometimes, it goes so much further.

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    He Wouldn't Take No For An Answer

    Posted by u/frezzhberry:

    He [had] seen me stumbling to my front door drunk and decided he'd try playing into my obviously altered state. I was young, so I still was unsure how to handle those types of males, and my birthday had just passed so when he gave me a hug, I assumed it was just a nice gesture. Then I tried hurrying off but he kept trying to come in and have a beer to "celebrate more appropriately."

    He refused to take no for an answer, so I pretended like I didn't have my house keys to hold him off. I walked a little bit off to the side pretending to call someone who might have my keys, but I really called my cousin telling him how freaked out I was. He rushed over to get me right away.

    Neighbor dude was in his 50s and I was 22. He didn't take kindly to my rejection that night and ended up poisoning my dogs later on out of pure pettiness.

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    Knocking In The Middle Of The Night

    Posted by u/jakeO_23:

    My family and I used to live in a rough neighborhood when I was a kid. One night, it was just my mom, my two siblings, and I at home, and my dad was gone on a business trip. Around midnight, someone started knocking on our door. My mom woke up, went to the front door, and asked who it was. No one answered. She thought that maybe it was some kids playing ding dong ditch, so she went back to bed.

    About thirty minutes later, again, someone starts knocking. She gets up and peers through the side window to see if she can spot anyone out there, but nobody is there. She starts to worry, so she goes back to the room, grabs my dad's double-barrel, and sits in the living room in the dark, waiting. Then, more knocking. My mom begins shouting at whoever it is that she is going to call the cops and that if anyone tries to come in, she would shoot them.

    At about 2:00 am, the police finally show up and do a quick search outside of our house while we waited inside. After their search, they tell my mom that they had found a piece of barbwire about four feet long next to the front door and asked if it belonged to my mom. She said that it wasn't hers and asked why. The cop told her it belonged to whoever was knocking on the door. That they were planning on strangling my mom with the barbwire when she opened the door to see who was knocking. They said that she was very smart to not open the door to see who was there, otherwise it could have cost her life.

    The cops said that they'd patrol the neighborhood until morning and do a thorough investigation once there was daylight. That morning, as they were searching around the house, they found footprints leading around to the back of the house and up to my bedroom window. They had also found nicks in the window seal where the person was trying to pry it open to break in but failed.

    My mom always suspected it was this one neighbor, because he would always stare at my mom through his curtains, and wasn't very friendly. He also knew when my dad wasn't home, since he knows what vehicle he drives. We moved out of that house after that.

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    Nightmare Dentist

    Posted by u/KICHIRU:

    Dentist, his wife, and creepy kid. His wife berated our family for planting flowers alongside their fence. Claimed they didn't want us digging up their land but never elaborated why. They moved out two years later, and three years after that, the dad was arrested for kidnapping his patients.

    Still convinced there are bodies down there.

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    A Series Of Break-ins

    Posted by u/ClipYourDirtyWings:

    So when I was in high school, there were a few disturbing occurrences in my neighborhood.

    A woman down the street who lived alone woke up one night to go to the bathroom and heard her TV on in the living room. So she naturally wandered in there, assuming nothing out of the ordinary. She found a guy sitting on her couch, watching the TV. Started screaming, obviously terrified, and the guy ran out of her house.

    Maybe a week later, further down the street, there was a family with a young daughter. She woke up in the middle of the night with her bedsheets pulled down and a guy tickling her feet. Again, started screaming, and the guy fled.

    Another week or so later, three houses down where an elderly couple lived, the husband woke up in the middle of the night to find a man standing over his bed and staring at his wife sleeping. The old man started hollering at the guy, and the guy fled again.

    So now sh*t is on super high alert. Cops patrolling regularly, etc. They somehow figured out who it was, and everyone in the neighborhood got a flyer with his picture... Behind us was a densely wooded area that stretches for a couple of miles in every direction. This [guy] had been literally living in those woods for upwards of a month in a tent, doing God only knows what when he wasn’t breaking into houses.

    But the creepiest part of the story is this: one night in the middle of all these incidents, we had our sliding glass door open with just the screen door behind it shut (this was in the summer). We had a big backyard and it was pitch black back there at night. Our dog suddenly jolted up and started growling viciously, like I’m talking tail stiff as a board, hair on his neck standing up, etc. Our dog was the best, nicest dog, like, ever. He never did that. So naturally we were like what the f*ck? My father jumped up and put the flood light over the deck on to see what was back there, but there was nothing... 

    The next morning, we were outside doing yardwork and noticed the lock on our back gate was broken. Someone had clearly done it, it wasn’t like it was wear-and-tear or something like that. It’s very safe to assume that this guy had tried to get into our backyard/house but was deterred by my dog’s growling/barking. 15/10 good boy.