Graveyard Shift Graveyard Shift Staff Tell the Scariest Things They've Seen  

Rosa Pasquarella
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Most people get to spend their evenings in the comfort of their own homes, however, people who work the night shift don't get that lucky. These often unseen heroes clean, protect, and otherwise provide as we sleep, and sometimes stuff on the late shift gets....weird.

We went to Reddit to find some of the creepiest true stories from folks working the notorious graveyard shift. From paranormal activity, to creepy strangers emerging from the dark, you're about to gain a whole new appreciation for the night shift.

Night nurses get phantom call from empty room with no phone

"I work as a transporter in a hospital. About two years ago we moved from the old city hospital into a new state of the art facility. The old hospital was built in the 1930s and was showing its age. At night was just plain creepy. Each floor had an east and west wing. The east wing of the fourth floor was the first wing to be shut down about two weeks before the move. One night at around 9:30, I'm up on the floor to get a patient from the west wing. I see a small group of nurses and aids who all used to work on the now closed east wing. They looked visibly shaken. I walked over to see if everything was OK. They told me that they had decided to walk through their old wing for nostalgia's sake. When they were over there, the phone at the nurses station started ringing. The computers and phones had not yet been moved. Not sure what to do, one of the nurses reached over the counter and answered the phone. The nurse told me there was a woman's voice on the other end and that she sounded confused. This is the conversation as best I can remember it. 

'This is ______. How can I help you?' asked the nurse.

'Hello? Who is this?'

'I'm a nurse. Is there anything I can help you with?'

'Where I am I?'

'This is (hospital name). Are you patient here?'

'Oh. OK.'  

Then the line went dead. That's when the nurse finally looked at the screen on the phone to see where the call was coming from. The phone gave the room number directly next to the nurses station. The rooms by this point had all been cleared out and the phones removed. They could see directly into the room and see that there was nobody in there. That's when they bolted towards the west wing where I was getting off the elevator. I avoided that wing for the rest of my time there."

Spirit of abused child haunts child welfare center; wakes children up to play in the middle of the night

"I work at a crisis nursery, which is a childcare facility that provides emergency and respite care for children under the age of seven. I used to work graveyards all the time. I have to say first that I am absolutely a non-believer in paranormal stuff. That being said, at two in the morning in a dark room when you and two or three other girls in their twenties are the only adults in the building, sh*t gets creepy sometimes.

The facility I work in was named for a child who was beaten to death by one of their parents. The nursery was started in their name as a way to hopefully prevent another child dying a violent death at the hands of a stressed-out caregiver.

So the story that goes around is that this kid's spirit haunts the nursery and is mostly active at night. They tell me that one of the reasons that everyone thinks this place is haunted is that many different people have reported different children asking about 'that kid' as in, 'why doesn't that kid have to go to bed?' while pointing at nothing. I brush it off, basically forget about it.

A few weeks later, I was in the sleep room (the bedroom where all the kids sleep. There must always be an adult in the room with the children) by myself. I'm just chilling, reading a book with a booklight. The rest of the room is pitch black and silent.

All of a sudden, this kid (probably four or five) sits bolt upright in bed and says, 'Hey, how come they aren't asleep? Why do they get to play? I want to play too!' all while pointing at a wall with no kids anywhere in the vicinity.

Instant crazy shivers all over me. I was so scared I almost screamed. I refused to be alone in there from that moment on."


Hospital orderly sees woman who had just recently passed away

"I work at a hospital overnightBy far the creepiest thing happened while I was cleaning two rooms after the patients left. The rooms were connected, with one exit. I cleaned the first room, left for 10 minutes, got my supplies and went back to the other. I saw a little old lady in a chair, hunched over. I stared at her for a few seconds. I thought it was odd they put a patient in that room already. I begin cleaning, and look back at the other room - it's empty. She disappeared. I would have seen if she walked passed me. Creepy. No one on the floor fit the description I gave of her - except the lady who died in that room four hours before my shift."

Man pulls up to gas station, appears to have a dead woman sitting in the passenger seat

"When I had just graduated high school, I started working at a truck stop a few miles outside of town. I usually worked evenings, but I had to switch shifts with the night shift guy, so there I was, at three a.m., fighting sleep. A car pulls into the parking lot and parks. There's a guy in the driver seat, crying, and a woman in the passenger seat just staring straight ahead...not moving... no emotion whatsoever. They sat there for what seemed like an hour. Then the guy gets out and comes in. He grabs a few random items and puts them on the counter. The whole time he is looking all around, checking for other people. There was no one but us... for miles. He then stares right into my very soul and says: 'It's quiet out here, isn't it? So quiet you can almost hear the angels singing.' I muttered something unmemorable and he left. She never moved."