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Creepy Notes That Will Put You Off Having Kids

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It's well-known that kids say the darndest things, but they also write (or attempt to write) the darndest things as well. Unlike adults who have certain filters that keep them from saying every hurtful, insane, or just downright evil thought that pops into their brain, children haven't developed that kind of control yet. What you are left with are notes that range from mean, nonsensical, and brutally honest, to just downright strange and scary. Who knows if these kids will grow up to be future serial killers or Nobel prize winners, all we know is that when they write down their thoughts, kids' notes can be brutal.

The following notes are from children who have access to crayons, paper, and a whole lot of childhood angst and aggression. Just be glad your parents didn't have an iPhone around to document the wild stuff you wrote when you were this age. Check out the craziest, funniest and weirdest notes from children below.
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    Christmas Nightmare

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    What's Happening After?

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    Slipped Under The Door

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