Which Occult Object Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Our zodiac signs tell us a lot about ourselves - our likes, our dislikes, our temperaments. Dig a little deeper and you may be able to interpret those traits when it comes to what your ideal workout should be, what superpower you would have, or what occult object you would be.

Occult objects are items associated with black magic, paganism, spiritualism, and by some strict Christian standards, anything associated with a religion other than Christianity (that includes yoga books). Not all occult items need to be scary; many are simply misunderstood. Some of them - Ouija boards and crystal balls, for example - have long histories and are responsible for more than their share of spooky stories and sleepless nights.

So go ahead, find your occult object by zodiac sign. If you dare.

  • No mystical object suits the moody Aries better than a mood ring. Along with their wildly varying emotions, Ariens are known for their passion and honesty. Mood rings give them a chance to show the world exactly what they're feeling (or at least, what temperature their body is).

    While it's fun to watch the rings change colors, the interpretations can be just as confusing as an Aries' emotions. The "normal range" blue-green colors tend to be pretty straightforward, but black can mean fearful or depressed... or nothing at all.

  • As an Earth sign, Taurus is grounded and connected to the natural world. Crystals are the perfect spiritual objects for a Taurus, since they are used for not just healing but also connecting people to the Earth's energy. Crystals are said to help harness a person's vibrations and intentions and reflect them back into their environment.

    Tauruses love cooking and gardening, and are tuned into the material world; with their crystals, they can tune in even better.

  • Amulets come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. They're usually made of stone, plants, bone, or other animal parts. The sheer variety of types and purposes suits Geminis perfectly, as they are naturally curious, adaptable, and expressive.

    Geminis love to explore the world, and their amulets can protect them as they move through life. In the world of occult objects, amulets are known as items that protect the wearer against trouble.

  • Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Tea Leaves
    Photo: MochaSwirl / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Cancers are highly imaginative, which makes tea leaves the perfect occult objects for them. A tea leaf reading consists of the "sitter" drinking a cup of tea, draining the remaining liquid, and having the "seer" tell them their fortune based on the shapes formed by the leaves.

    Cancers make better seers than sitters, since they are highly persuasive, manipulative, and hate to reveal their own personal lives.

  • Leos are naturally warm-hearted; their occult object is the healing candle. Candles are widely used in healing rituals; color, shape, and cleanliness are all important when selecting one to use. The golden rules for healing with candles include not using a candle that has been used for healing for anything else, and never intending harm to others with candle rituals.

    Neither guideline should be hard for Leos, with their natural tendency toward friendliness and generosity.

  • Virgos love cleanliness and nature, so their perfect occult object is sage, the all-natural spiritual cleanser. Burning sticks of dried white sage, also known as smudging, is an ancient indigenous American practice said to remove negative spirits and energy from both bodies and buildings. Many smudge after a negative experience in their home, or after several people have passed through and left their various energies behind.

    Virgos pay attention to the little things, and aren't about to let spiritual cleanliness fall through the cracks during a spring cleaning session.