Graveyard Shift Creepy Old Cartoons That Will Give You Nightmares  

Jacoby Bancroft
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If you thought the cartoons from the '90s and oughts were twisted and creepy, just wait until you see the freaky, weird cartoons that came out of the first half of the 1900's. Some of these "children's" cartoons would pair nicely with the next season of American Horror Story and are effective in making your skin crawl. You'll see everything from surreal, sometimes even trippy sequences of cute little characters' descents into death, whimsical animal cruelty, and in two instances, really eerie, herky-jerky puppet animation—not to mention crackly and canny audio that would fit right in on a horror movie soundtrack.

Check out the list below to learn all about the creepy old black and white cartoons that probably had children more freaked out than entertained. 

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The Peanut Vendor

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You know how in horror movies, characters sometimes stumble upon a cursed video tape that shows something horrific, and then that horrific thing comes to life and kills them all? This experimental animated film would work well in that capacity. Quick Hollywood, put this creepy monkey creature in a horror movie and you will have the next great horror icon that can stand side-by-side with such terrifying creations like Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers. And for heaven's sake, buy some of his peanuts before he gets you!

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Camerman's Revenge

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Anything from the early 1900's that boasts "Amazing Puppet Animation" is sure to be terrifying and Cameraman's Revenge certainly delivers on the creepy front. If you've gone your whole life without seeing a puppet show that highlights bug infidelity, then you just aren't living. Just remember that these are all ACTUAL dead bugs the puppeteer is working with, which naturally it makes the whole thing ten times weirder. 

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The Skeleton Dance

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If you're ever in the mood to just watch skeletons dance for an extended period of time, this is the video for you. Even though the cartoon is called The Skeleton Dance, and it features (naturally) dancing skeletons, they aren't the creepiest part of this video. Wait until you see the dog that gets blown up like a balloon, only to let it all out at the moon in one ferocious howl. It's the type of howl you would hear right before being attacked by werewolf or hellhound, not some average mutt off the street.

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"Wanna be a member, wanna be a member?" ask the creepy white-clothed individuals to the freaked out Bimbo. Besides having a total Ku Klux Klan-y vibe, the group tries to torture and kill Bimbo until he agrees to join their club. It all ends with the other club members shedding their white robes to reveal an incredibly saggy Betty Boop who finally convinces Bimbo to join by waving around like one of those inflatable arm men. Dudes will do anything for a little rock n' roll.

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