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10 Creepy Plane Wreckages In Remote Areas You Can Visit Today

Updated 4 Sep 2020 101.8k views10 items

Few things can grab the world's attention quite like a plane crash. The news that an aircraft has gone down makes for massive headlines that captivate the globe; it's a real-life scenario that produces nightmarish horror. These aviation mishaps often mean significant death tolls - complete survival of those on board is a rarity - and the crash sites often become memorials or hallowed grounds that serve as a tribute to the lives that were lost. 

But what becomes of the wreckage? Well, oftentimes, it's just left at the scene. Sometimes, the plane has gone down in a remote area that's difficult to access or the wreckage is left as a memorial to the passengers who perished in the crash. This list explores those plane wrecks that are still intact - mangled old ruins that are located in places you can visit if you're daring enough and the scene doesn't give you creeps. 

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