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Gamers Describe Their Creepiest Experiences While Playing Online Games  

Samantha Dillinger
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Playing video games online invites the possibility of unsettling encounters with strangers. Most of the time, playing a few online matches with strangers can add to a game's enjoyment, but sometimes, these interactions can range anywhere from weird to downright creepy.

From someone mysteriously sending a pizza to a fellow player's address to another person stumbling across a player sitting stock-still and chanting in Latin, these gamers took to Reddit to describe their creepiest moments playing online.

A Gamer They Had Never Met Delivered A Pizza To Their House

From Redditor /u/Vortixc:

Okay, so, when I was playing Minecraft with some friends, I offhandedly mentioned that I was hungry. One guy who I didn't know but [who] seemed relatively normal at the time said, "A pizza is on its way to your house." I immediately checked back in chat, because I did not remember typing up my address, let alone giving it to someone I didnt know personally.

I acted normal and kept playing. 30 minutes later, a pizza arrived at my door, already paid for. I immediately told all my friends to watch out for him, since he had somehow gotten my address. I have not heard or spoken to him in a couple of years; however, I am still somewhat cautious about giving out ANY information that may pin down my location.

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They Overheard A Break-In At Another Gamer's Home

From Redditor /u/yaixs:

Was playing some CS: GO ranked in MM. Suddenly, one says, "guys, I need to go now." Asking why, and he says, "there is a thief at home, I'm coming back soon." I don't even know how, but I listened to screams outside. [The] player's home was near [mine].

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A Gamer Claimed To Know Where They Lived

From Redditor /u/PM-ME-YOUR-STOMACH:

Back when LeadyIsHere was relevant, I had my name as something similar on [Pokémon] Showdown. Everything was going good, until I had a [run-in] with an obsessive fan (who in retrospect was probably a troll) who kept saying weird sh*t.

“I’m going to take you to my red room,” he says.

Wtf is a red room?

“Here’s a pic of my red room.” And it's a link in the chat. Now when I clicked it, it took me to an Imgur page of this guy's location. All of a sudden, he’s like:

“Oh you live in Michigan?” Which wasn’t where I lived, as I was at my grandmother's.

“Uhh nahh I live in Florida now,” I tried to say.

“Oooh Detroit! See you at 2 am :)”

As a 13/14-year-old, I was scared as f*ck. For some reason, earlier that night, I had listened to a scary story... so I left the battle and started [a] new one. This dude followed me into the new battles, and I tried to get people to help me, but when this dude started to say creepy sh*t, they’d always leave... I ended up just closing my computer and planning an escape method if/when this man showed up. Every car that passed by her house that night [freaked me out].

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They Heard Mysterious Static And A Boom From Another Player's Mic

From Redditor /u/vestymcboonerhole:

So I play PUBG mobile, which has voice chat, as we all know. So I load up squads, and we're playing, and I'm talking and communicating with everyone on my team, but this one [guy's] mic was buzzing static.

Well, it's the bottom of the match, and we've almost won when we get cornered in a house. So as we're shooting and covering, this dude's mic spits into life and the static stopped. All I hear is "watch where you point that!" And a boom! Before this dude's character just stops moving. Well, we lost the round, but I can't help but wonder what tf happened.

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