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Eerie And Disturbing Ghost Stories From Orphanages 

Elle Tharp
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There's something inherently chilling about old orphanages. Maybe it's the fact that scary orphanage stories abound - after all, the buildings are associated with heartbroken and lonely children. And not all of these tales concern the living. Plenty of real life ghost stories feature orphanages filled with restless and vengeful spirits.

These scary orphanage ghost stories all take place at actual haunted orphanages or abandoned orphanage sites around the world. These creepy stories aren't just campfire fodder, but are based off of real life tragedies that actually occurred at these places. You can even visit these locations, if you're in the mood for a firsthand ghostly encounter. Just be warned - you never know what might come home with you.

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A Ghost Can Be Heard Taking Its Own Life At An Old Boy's Home
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Photo:  MARELBU/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 3.0

The Guthrie Boy's Home in Oklahoma opened its doors sometime in the early 1920s. According to legend, one employee of the orphanage took his own life in the bell tower. Another employee, a nurse maid, abused many of the boys and slayed several.

The building was closed in 1978 with the emergence of the foster care system. Today, visitors to the Guthrie Boy's Home claim to hear footsteps in the bell tower, bells ringing, and even gasping. The ghosts of the boys can be heard screaming late at night and the spirit of the nurse maid supposedly lurks in the main entryway.

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An Evil Headmaster Haunts The Fairmount Children's Home
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Photo:  honeybbanne/Instagram

A privately owned orphanage known as The Fairmount Children's Home opened in Alliance, OH, in the 1870s. Unfortunately, the headmaster of the orphanage was said to be a cruel man who tortured and even slayed the children who lived there. That is, until one night in 1944. According to legend, the children rose up against the headmaster and hanged him from a pipe in the basement.

The headmaster supposedly began to haunt the orphanage, looming over children's beds and appearing as a shadowy figure in the back of class photos. The orphanage eventually shut down and was abandoned in the 1990s before it mysteriously burned down.

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Children Were Tortured At A Gettysburg Orphanage
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Photo: Charles J. Tyson/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

During the Civil War, orphans of Union soldiers were often taken to The National Soldiers Orphan's Homestead. The orphanage ran without problems for years, until Rosa Carmichael was appointed the orphanage's matron. Said to be an abusive disciplinarian, Carmichael reportedly tortured children in the cellar of the orphanage. Eventually a runaway outed her abuse, and she was fined for her transgressions.

Apparently, the spirits of the children she tormented don't believe justice was served. The building is now a tourist attraction, and said to be highly haunted. Some visitors claim to have sighted Rosa Carmichael herself, trapped and angry in the cellar.

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This New Jersey Orphanage Is Said To Be Satanic
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Photo:  Famartin/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

The Elizabeth Orphan Asylum opened as an orphanage for girls in Elizabeth, NJ, in 1858. It closed in 1962 and was eventually razed in 1996, but during its years of abandonment, it was the site of a lot of creepy folklore.

The basement was rumored to be used for satanic rituals. The house became considered a sort of magnet for evil, as it was hit by a small airplane in the 1970s, and partially burned a few years later. People often claimed to see demons or satanic nuns in the area. Visitors also reported noticing glowing green orbs, almost like eyes, in various sections of the house.

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