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Creepy Stories from the Pacific Crest Trail

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Stretching 2,659 miles, the Pacific Crest Trail is one of the most iconic hiking destinations in the world. It stretches through Washington, Oregon, and California and countless brave hikers have set out to explore its beauty and bask in its magnificence. Even though it's one of the most beautiful hiking trails on Earth, the trail still has dark secrets and urban legends.

Creepy tales and scary stories surround the Pacific Crest trail and the famous national parks and forests it passes through. Check out the list below and learn about all the spooky legends and stories of the Pacific Crest Trail. 

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    Hunted on the Pacific Coast Trail

    Photo: m01229 / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    In the summer of 2008, a man hiking the Pacific Coast Trail didn't encounter ghosts or demons, but rather a pair of terrifying individuals with seemingly deadly intentions. While he was hiking, the man came across a disheveled couple dressed nearly all in white. Their appearance frightened the man, and an attempt to talk with them was only met with icy stares. He was determined to keep moving.  

    The next day, the man examined his camp to realize there were boot prints around his gear. He was freaked out, but when it happened again the next day, he began to get truly frightened. The third night he woke up to rustling outside his tent, and upon investigation, he felt someone watching him. He ran off into the forest and he could tell he was being chased. He finally hid underneath a log and waited until daybreak to return to his camp. He abandoned his hike and reported the weird occurrence to the nearest ranger station. That strange couple was never found. 
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    Three-Year-Old Taken to Spider-Filled Cave

    A strange tale became even stranger in Shasta Forest after a three-year-old mysteriously vanished without a trace. He reappeared five hours later, saying he was abducted by a robot double of his grandmother and was taken to a terrifying cave filled with spiders.  

    That's already pretty weird, but it got even odder when the child's grandmother reported that later she woke up face down in the dirt, away from her tent and her sleeping bag with a large puncture wound on the back of her neck. The only thing she could remember was seeing red eyes shining through the forest. 
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    The Crying Boy

    Reports of The Crying Boy in Yosemite can be traced all the way back to 1857 when a park ranger reported hearing a distinct wailing cry. At the time, the ranger thought it was a dog the Native Americans had lost, but they soon informed him it was a mournful spirit. Their story goes that a boy had accidentally drowned in Grouse Lake several years earlier, and now calls out for help. The natives warned that the spirit grabs anyone who comes to its aid and drags them under the surface, drowning them. Since then, the child's ghostly cry has been reported again and again by hikers over the years. 
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    Mount Rainier Is Just a Huge Graveyard

    Ever since Mount Rainier became a state park, 323 people have lost their lives while working there, living there, or hiking the majestic mountain. There are still corpses, frozen deep within the snow, waiting to be discovered. With that many deaths, it's not surprising that the mountain has an abundance of spooky tales and creepy encounters.

    People have reported figures suddenly appearing out of nowhere, but then disappearing whenever approached. Some even claim the spirits are friendly, with people saying that they were lost on the mountain when suddenly a random hiker appeared and pointed them in the right direction before vanishing again. 
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