Graveyard Shift 911 Dispatchers Describe the Creepiest Call They've Ever Had  

Christopher Shultz
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911 dispatchers have a tough job. They're constantly faced with the pressure to send help to people in need while also keeping the affected person or witness to an unlawful act or tragedy calm while police, paramedics, and other first responders race to the scene. Not only this, but dispatchers also sometimes have to hear illegal acts happening in real time, which can certainly take a psychological toll.  

A group of 911 dispatchers shared their creepiest and most unforgettable phone calls on Reddit. Here's a collection of some of the more outstanding tales.

Man Shoots His Wife, Himself

"Guy shot his wife after he found her cheating. He was hysterical and scared shitless about what he had just done. He put the phone down and there was another gunshot. He killed himself and I heard it. His wife was still alive and she was screaming that she forgave him over and over and that they were gonna get through it. It was fucked.  

"...she survived, so there's a little bright side to the story."

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Attack with Baseball Bats

"I had one person call in screaming about a guy getting beat to death in her front yard, with the sounds of aluminum bats ringing in the background."

Haunting Mother-Son Story

"Had to help a maybe 12-year-old boy start CPR on his mother who attempted suicide on July 4th some years back. She died. That's never left me."

The Calm, Suicidal Man

"Got a call from a guy saying he was sitting in his car with a shotgun and was going to kill himself. He seemed very calm and I could tell in his voice that he had made up his mind and this wasn't a cry for help like most of the other suicide calls I receive. He told me he was at one of our train stations but wouldn't tell me which one so while I had officers out looking for him I made small talk with him about his family and sports, I even had him laugh a few times.

After about 10 minutes of talking and me thinking I'd made progress, he finally says, 'Well, it's been nice talking to you but I gotta get going.' He then proceeded to put the gun in his mouth and pull the trigger. I heard his death gurgles."