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Here Are 13 Paranormal Games That You Will Wish You Had Never Played

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For you morbid types out there who enjoy taking risks, these games lie right up your (dark and ominous) alley. Creepy paranormal games of today extend much further than just the Bloody Mary and Ouija board rituals from childhood. Thanks to the internet - mostly Reddit - a plethora of paranormal games and their instructions can be found and performed by anyone with time on their hands and a taste for thrills.

These scary games can sometimes be played alone, but others require the assistance of friends to complete. There are games for summoning demons, games to meet other paranormal entities and have wishes granted, and a variety of terrifying experiences. 

Turn on all the lights, grab a blanket, make sure you lock the doors, and get ready to learn more about creepy paranormal games you can play at home.

  • The Hooded Man Ritual Offers A Cab Ride To New Places

    Before attempting to call for the Hooded Man and his cab, the player should cleanse the area where they plan to perform the ritual. A rotary or touch-tone landline phone is used to call a specific number, where the player recites the requisite words and summons a black taxi cab with the Hooded Man behind the wheel.

    The player enters the cab's backseat, locks the door, goes to sleep, and follows very specific rules regarding what to do based on when they awake. After ending the ritual, another phone call is made before cleansing begins.

    If the player speaks to another passenger, tries to get out of the cab without following the rules, or waits too long to end the ritual, the consequences can be life-threatening. No one knows what happens if the player stays in the cab until the Hooded Man reaches the end of his route, but it can't be good.

  • Capture Spirits On Film In The Picture Game

    This game requires at least two players, but many more may join if desired. Basically, the group of people create a rope circle and place a glass filled with an alcoholic beverage in the center of it. Never stepping inside the rope circle, the participants sit around the circle, each with their own mirror, and take part in some ritualistic words and actions before photographing the spirits they've summoned

    Going around the circle, each individual player will say "I caught you," snap a picture using a camera with a flash, and then pass it to the next player. This happens three times before the ritual is closed and the spirits are dismissed.

    If any player begins to cry or says they feel nauseated, skip them during the picture-taking portion of the ritual. If anyone during the ritual starts acting strangely or expresses fear, end the game immediately. If they do take a photo, end the ritual immediately and destroy the camera without looking at the picture they took. 

    Should the ritual go well, the players then say "It is time to go home," flip their mirrors over, cut the rope, and pour the glass of liquid outside on dirt. Then players check their cameras to see the subjects they've captured.

  • Summon The Mysterious Channel Infinity To Show You The Meaning Of Life

    Channel Infinity can be reached by one player using an analog television, a remote control, and mirrors. After setting up the TV, the player leaves it for about three hours and collects an item they hold dear, a key, a weapon, a pickaxe or sledgehammer, a favorite book, a cell phone, and a loved one to watch their back. 

    Once the ritual is performed correctly, the player will be asked three to 26 questions to determine if they are shown their favorite television show with all of the characters horrifically murdered, or their least favorite person or thing. The player can also be pulled into a vortex to another dimension, making the pickaxe, key, and cell phone useful.

    Channel Infinity will then allow the player to choose one show from the guide to watch; The Meaning of Life is one example. The player can never share the knowledge gained from Channel Infinity and can only access it four times.

  • The Stalking Game Makes You Dream Of Your Passing

    The Stalking Game must be played only when the participant suddenly feels a strong urge to do so, with no planning ahead of time. The player first walks to a crossroads, reaches into their pockets, and holds an item from them in their right hand (or spits in their hand if they have empty pockets), spins in a direction determined by the color of the first bird they see, and then follows the first stranger they see.

    If the player follows the person until they lose sight of them, they must go home and remain in bed until they sleep. If the stranger being stalked is lost because they accessed a home, the player should go to bed at their normal time. If the stranger is lost because they entered a building that isn't a house, the player stays up for 24 hours before finally sleeping. 

    The item the player held the entire time they stalked the stranger is placed under their pillow - or wiped in the case of spit. The player sleeps until they dream about:

    - their passing

    - a bloody woman with no eyes

    - spirits with advice

    - an angel or a demon

    Regardless of what happens, a player must remain in bed until they dream.