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Creepy And Totally Real Pictures Of Spider Frost For Your Inner Arachnophobe

If you’re looking for pictures to scare any arachnophobe, look no further than the following collection of creepy photos of spider frost. What is spider frost, you ask? As you’ll see in the scary spider pictures below, the phenomenon gets its name from it's snowy, frost-like look. It's the effect of a massive amount of spider webs blanketing an area so heavily that at first glance, you’d think the ground was covered in frost.

As far as facts about spider frost and what causes it go, it’s more or less the result of a massive migration of spiders who use it as a technique to get from one place to another. Baby spiders sometimes use their webbing to create a parachute of sorts which can carry them for miles when it’s picked up by the wind. Spider frost, also known as "angel hair," is also an attempt by spiders to avoid drowning during heavy rains or flooding. By shooting their silk onto taller objects, they can lift themselves to higher group much like Spiderman uses his web to rocket to the type of tall buildings.

Though incredibly creepy, the phenomenon is not all that uncommon and has been reported in several areas of Australia during floods throughout the past decade. So without further ado, get ready to horrify your inner child via this collection of what can happen when thousands of spiders get together and decide to do a little redecorating during rainy weather.