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Surprisingly Creepy Stuff That's All Over Pinterest

Updated October 13, 2018 3.4k views28 items

Pinterest is a hot bed for design and DIY inspiration. Sure, you may mostly turn to the social network to design a Fixer Upper-worthy breakfast nook or learn the best way to apply false lashes with cat eye liner but there's a lot more to the site. Pinterest has a dark side seething beneath all of the mason jar vases and rustic wedding DIYs. There's some bizarrely creepy stuff on Pinterest, and it's going to make you want to run.

Pinterest may not be the dark web, but boy oh boy is it dark. In an effort to make you feel like you're watching something right out of The Ring, scary Pinterest boards collate horrifying vintage ghost photos so realistic we've got to question whether or not Photoshop was involved. Then, there's all the creepy jewelry and home DIYs. Literally, nothing is sacred.

Check out this weird stuff found on Pinterest (or don't, you've been warned).