Prison Guards Describe the Most Disturbing Things They Saw

If you think the prison guards on Orange is the New Black see some crazy things, just wait until you read these true stories from real prison guards collected from a Reddit discussion. The hoosegow is a crazier place than TV lets on.

WARNING: Many of these stories are extremely disturbing and may include graphic depictions of violence and sexual assault.

Photo: olafpictures / Pixabay / CC0 1.0

  • Resident Ghost

    "I don't expect people to believe me, but I know what I saw. It was about 2:00am, I was sitting at my desk and I looked up because I saw a person walk across the range into the shower area, which is impossible because I was the only officer in there and all the inmates were locked down. Freaked me out so I got up to make a round. There was a Native American inmate in the cell directly adjacent to the shower that saw it also. He asked me if I just saw what he saw. I told him yes and we both kind of chuckled. The ghost or whatever you want to call it, is that of a Native American that had hung himself in that housing unit decades earlier. He tends to appear to other Natives when they are in the unit. Separate incident but same ghost also appeared to another young native inmate who told me how this 'native dude' was sitting on the end of his bed one night just looking at him. I had never told this inmate about the ghost."

  • Creepiest Prison Ever

    "I work at a medium security facility as a correctional officer and I have friends at other prisons. You get the odd 'I'll kill you and your family' blah blah blah . . . [but]

    "There is one guy at my place that has a constant thousand-yard stare. It's not what he says, it's how he says it... even a simple "yeah...ok" coming from him makes you think twice about your next move.

    "There is an apparent ghost that haunts our place as well. I've never seen him but it's suppose to be a con that died years ago. 

    "Other than that nothing really comes to mind."

  • Brutal Attack

    "I was an officer at a medium security prison. I witnessed a fight between an MS13 member and a Blood. MS13 is as brutal as they come. The MS13 member knocked out the Blood, then attempted to pull his eyes from their socket. I was on the other side of a barbed-wire fence and couldn't intervene. I had to watch until someone else arrived, which was quick enough to save the Blood's life. I don't remember seeing the Blood come back after that trip to the hospital.

    "That's the closest I've ever been to seeing someone get murdered. If the tower officer had a clean shot, I'm sure there would've been one less MS13 member."

  • Grisly Suicide and Murder

    "Worst thing I've seen is a two-way tie.

    "Had an inmate kill himself by taking apart a razor and bending it around the end of a pen and going at the side of his neck until he passed out. Was found within 10 minutes of it happening and there was blood all over.

    "The other one was when an inmate was murdered in a yard. He was bench pressing and two inmates held the bar on top of him while a third inmate dropped a heavy dumbbell on his forehead. It dented from just above his eyebrows to his hairline in a solid inch and a half, was all over but the twitching after that."

  • Horrifying Transformation

    "I had a woman recently who was so convinced she was innocent of driving without a license that she began scratching and biting her arms to draw blood so she could be seen by our crisis group so she'd have a chance at leaving to one of the mental faculties. She faked multiple seizures, asthma attacks, and rape claims all WHILE we were restraining her to prevent her from killing herself. Her voice eventually went out and she started sounding a lot like a demon from hell. That was just last week, though."

  • Disturbing Evidence

    "I've known two unrelated inmates who got hold of their crime scene pictures as part of their legal proceeding. Their kick was to call unsuspecting staff to their cell door's window and flash them their dead victim pictures. One of them straight up told me he enjoyed seeing the horror in our eyes as we looked at their handiwork."