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People Describe Their Most Disturbing Public Transportation Stories

Updated August 17, 2020 413.5k views18 items

Reddit has plenty of scary public transportation stories submitted by their users. Some of the best are gathered here in this list of true creepy stories about public transportation gone awry. You may not want to ride the bus or subway ever again...

  • Missing an Eye

    Contributed by communitychest:

    I was riding a not very crowded bus in LA, when a very old woman gets on the bus (80s?). She is wearing a skin tight sequined dress, has crazy white hair, and is carrying some groceries. And she has an eye socket that has been completely gouged out. There is still dried blood, and as she stands next to me (there were open seats) she keeps picking at her eye, and wiping her hand on the grocery bags that were banging into me.

    She seemed perfectly fine. Just a lady with a completely gouged out eyeball on the bus.

  • That Poor Rabbit

    From Redditor eirrac:

    I was taking the last bus home from a friend's house at about 1 am. The bus is completely empty except for me and the bus driver, until we get to a stop about 15 minutes from my house. A man gets on holding an animal-carrying cage, sits directly next to me, and pulls a large, fuzzy rabbit out of the cage. He then sticks the rabbit DOWN THE FRONT OF HIS SWEATPANTS and smiles creepily at me until I get off the bus.

  • He Likes Shoes

    A contribution from Laserblaster:

    There is a guy who rides on the Red Line in Chicago who will ask to look at your shoes. Do not let him do this. He bends down and starts licking them. One of my friends got his shoes licked, then he asked another one who was wearing sandals. This apparently has happened to several people I know.

  • Was He a Strangler?

    Contributed by beesareeatingmybrain:

    I was waiting for a bus in London at around 11 pm one night. I was alone at the bus stop, until a man in a hoodie and sporting a backpack walked up to the stop. He stood at the opposite end of the bus stop and looked over at me in a sort of creepy way. Not wanting to assume he was crazy, but still being wary from past experiences of nearly being raped, I casually pulled out my pepper spray and loaded it. He took off his backpack and pulled a pair of gloves and a rope from it, put the gloves and backpack one and then began wrapping the rope around his left hand. I got really freaked out, so I stepped off the pavement to run across the street. Luckily my bus came at that moment, so I ran like a crazy woman onto it and sat down. While the bus was pulling away I looked out the window at the scary man and he was staring at me intensely, with the rope wrapped around his left hand and his right holding it taut. I called my bf after the experience and he just laughed and said I was lying. 

    TL:DR I'm fairly sure I escaped the clutches of some sort of strangler in Lewisham.