Graveyard Shift These Are Some Damn Creepy Videos Caught On Public Transportation Cameras  

Erin McCann
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If you're one of those who assumes creepy public transportation footage would include little more than weird strangers hitting on other riders, you'd be wrong. Creepy things caught on public transportation run the gamut from ghostly forms to demonically possessed riders and drug overdoses. 

As with scary things caught on security cameras, creepy transit footage comes from various sources, including security and dashboard cameras installed on buses, subway trains, and commuter rails. Creepy videos from trains and buses has also been captured by enterprising passengers with phone cameras. From unsettling children to freak accidents, here are some of the creepiest videos from buses, trains, and other forms of transit.

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Bus Driver Discovers A Baby Sitting In The Middle Of The Road At Night, At Its CREEPY

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Most parents tell their children not to play in the road. This baby didn't get the memo, but, luckily, it wasn't run over by a bus while sitting in the middle of the street at night. 

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Tornado Hits A School Bus

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This video from inside an Indiana school bus proves getting sucked into a tornado will not send you to Oz. The bus was thrown into a building in the middle of this, but, luckily, the driver and passengers had already escaped. 

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4-Year-Old Girl Gets On A Bus Alone At 3AM

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Where is this child in the purple raincoat going at 3am that she needed to take bus? Like any normal human forced to be get up that early, she was in search of a slushie.

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Possessed Woman Rides The Subway

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A woman riding the subway somewhere in Canada was filmed by another passenger as she exhibited some very creepy behavior. She appears possessed, writhing and growling in her seat until she attacks another passenger. Might be bath salts, might be a demon.