People Describe The Crimes That Have Happened in Their City/Town

Sleepy towns with dark secrets don't just exist in the movies; where do you think these films get their inspiration from? The real stories listed here, gleaned from Reddit, include tales of murderous pediatricians, chainsaw demises, and small-time serial killers.

Perhaps what makes them most terrifying is the fact that they're all true, and for some, very close to home.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

  • Chainsaw Slaying In An Apartment

    From Redditor Your_Friend_Steve:

    "This is the creepiest [thing] that I've ever heard of from my dad (who is a former cop). He worked on one of the local precincts for a few years before moving up to a bigger job.

    He was working the night shift around those apartments when he got a noise complaint. Since this was nothing unusual, he wasn't in a big hurry to get over there. The only thing weird about the call out was that the neighbors said it sounded like someone was starting a lawn mower in an apartment, but dispatch thought it was just weird music. So, he gets over to the apartment building and walks up to the unit to find the door open a bit.

    Before I go on, let me tell you about the occupants of this apartment. They were a mid-twenties married couple. The husband had just returned from being deployed, and the wife was an accountant at some place that's not important to the story. Now, while the husband was still overseas, he found out that his wife was cheating on him heavily. So when he got back, he did what any normal guy would do: he bought her a new dress and they went out to have an expensive dinner.

    While they were out, he made sure she got extra drunk. And as a precaution, he slipped some sleeping pills into her food/drink. They left, and she passed out in the car. He drove her home and carried her up to the living room, laid her on the couch, and took off all her clothes. He then went to the garage, grabbed his handy-dandy chainsaw, and ran back to his loving wife. He then started said chainsaw, and 'butterflied her from cooch to chin' (my father's words). After slicing his bride open, he went onto the back porch and 'French-kissed his mossberg' (committed suicide with his double-barrel).

    So, when my father knocked on the door and it opened a bit more, he saw the bloody mess that was formerly their living room. He phoned for backup, and they got there pretty quick. They entered the apartment and after clearing the place, a few had to leave the area because of the wife's corpse."

  • Slain By Her Baby's Dad

    From Redditor brewbrew:

    "The person was a friend of mine, actually. She had a small rebound fling with a guy, both were 19-years-old. She finds out she's pregnant with this guy's child. She sends a text message to friends on May 10th, 2006, before she goes over to this guy's house to talk about their situation, which he is already aware of. She is never seen or heard from again. Her car turns up at a random strip mall in a busy area.

    Fingers are obviously pointing at the particular guy, so police went to his house. They found a cut up, blood soaked mattress; the guy says she was menstruating. They find two blood-spattered swords, as well as blood spatter on the walls and ceiling. They have him on tape buying cleaning supplies from a local Walgreens, and blood traces in the back of his SUV.

    He turns himself into authorities, because he knows he's going to be apprehended. He pleads not guilty and maintains innocence the entire time. Court of public opinion has already doomed him pre-trial. He is convicted of second degree murder, given 80 years (50 years minimum) in state prison. He has tried to appeal several times, and has been categorically denied each time. He still maintains innocence. A body has also never shown up and nobody has any idea why he won't give the location of the body up. I'm still convinced there was someone else involved.

    I still remember searching for her for weeks and months in just about any likely spot. Rest in Peace Jessica."

  • He Said To "Stay Charming"

    From Redditor Bryceybryce:

    "Definitely not the creepiest thing to happen in my city, but I knew the guy personally. When I was young, I had a pediatrician, as we all do. Now this pediatrician was a really good guy and every time I would leave his office he would say to me, 'Stay charming.' Mind you, I was three or four at the time.

    One day I stopped going to this pediatrician, and I asked my parents why I was no longer going to my favorite doctor of all time. They told me that he had moved away and I could not go to him anymore. What actually happened, however, was that he had had a mistress. Now said mistress ended up pregnant, and my married pediatrician refused to deal with the situation as a normal person would do. Instead he dispatched his mistress, with his illegitimate child in her womb, and drove his dead mistress up to Angeles Crest. He then proceeded to torch the car and shove it over a ravine with said mistress and unborn child inside. He was convicted of the offense and got life in prison.

    I, however, am still charming."

  • An Incident At Art School

    From Redditor Fat_Val_Kilmer:

    "I went to a small art school - the sort that was small enough for everyone to know everyone quite easily. The students knew the teachers, knew the models, and knew the staff.

    Now, as most people know, the majority of academic student art involves [undressed] models, and therefore, [undressed] pictures and sculptures. Our school had a particularly robust figurative sculpture department, and some pretty attractive models.

    One night, someone broke into one of the studios, where a particular class's sculptures of a very attractive model were stored. He then used a metal pipe to put a hole in a specific part of the clay statue. He then proceeded to vigorously copulate with the aforementioned hole in the aforementioned statue, of the aforementioned pretty model.

    The creator of the sculpture returned to class the next day to find a hole that they didn't remember making that was also, incidentally, filled with dried [bodily fluids].

    Needless to say, a few casual viewings of the school's security footage resulted in an expulsion."

  • Slaying In Marietta, Ohio

    From Redditor jayond:

    "I lived in a town where I think 11 murders went unsolved. I believe it was Letterman who joked if you want to get rid of someone, make sure you do it Marietta, Ohio. There were three really bizarre murders with which I had some connections. Let me explain: I had nothing to do with any of them, but I knew of all three people who passed, and one of the killers.

    The first one was a girl who lived up the hill from me. She was taken and found dead off the road when I was still high school. Two years later, a girl I went to high school with was found in the Mound Cemetery. Very little information (as is the case with most investigations in the Mid Ohio Valley) was released, but someone later told me that the blood literally ran down the sidewalk and took a long time to clean up (he was doing the cleaning). I was actually questioned about this, because the slain girl had written my brother's name in one of her books, and I knew someone they suspected was involved.  Of course, neither of these leads panned out, because neither my brother or the guy I barely knew were involved (he was a suspect because he was in and out of treatment centers for psychological problems).

    I don't know that either has ever been solved, and since officials never released many details, there were some really creepy rumors going around that the women had been sacrificed. You know the usual satanic-ritual stuff.

    I knew both the murderer and victim in the third one. They were a male and female who had transferred to Marietta College from Mesa Community College in Arizona, but were just friends. However, the male, whom I had classes with and knew socially, wanted more. When she made it clear she wasn't interested, he poisoned her and stuffed her in a drain pipe. The kid was little off, but I never though he would [eliminate] someone, which makes it even more creepy, because you don't think anyone you hang out with could do something like that."

  • Doom On Both Sides Of The Border

    From Redditor Stingerc:

    "I live in a town on the US/Mexico border and there are two [slayings] that really stand out. One happened on the US side, and the other on the Mexican side. I'm including both, just because of how much exchange goes on in between the towns, and how close they are. Most people have family and roots on either side, and both cases caused a lot of drama on either side of the border.

    The first happened when I was a kid. A college kid named Mark Kilroy was partying in Matamoros, the town on the Mexican side. Back then it was a huge spring break spot. Basically, all the kids who came to South Padre Island also drove into Mexico for cheap drinks, [hard substances], etc.

    This guy was  trying to score some [hard substances], and like a dummy, he got in a van with some guys who said they could get him [hard substances]. Nobody ever saw him alive again. I remember his picture was on the news everyday, and his parents were always on, asking for help finding his son.

    About a month later, a guy in Mexico ran a police check point and the police chased him to a remote ranch. They found a drug stash house, and after interrogating the guy and others at the ranch, they confessed that Kilroy and a few other people were hidden there. What they found was pretty gruesome.

    Apparently, the people that ran the ranch were into black magic and performed human sacrifices. In total, they found the sacrificed remains of 14 other people besides Kilroy. The group members believed that the human sacrifices gave them magical powers and protected them. Police on both sides of the border were soon arresting people, including a pretty young student, Sara Alderete, at a local university here in Brownsville. She was the girlfriend of the guy who was the 'Priest' of the clan, Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo.

    They even made a film loosely based on this case: Borderland

    The other big case happened in Brownsville. I wasn't living there when it happened, but got a ton of emails and calls about it.

    It involved a couple, John Allen Rubio and Angela Camacho. These two got high on glue or spray paint, began to hallucinate, and choked and then [cut off the heads of] their three children.

    Here is the gist of what I heard: while he and Camacho were high, Rubio killed the kid's hamsters, thinking they were possessed by demons. He killed them with a hammer. One of the kids saw this and started screaming.

    Rubio and Camacho then became convinced demons had also possessed the children. They began to choke, stab, and decapitate the three kids. After they did this, they ran out and flagged down a passing police cruiser, who seeing them disheveled and terrified went to their apartment and found the gruesome scene."