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Creepiest Easter Eggs In 'Red Dead Redemption 2'

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Rockstar has always included Easter eggs in their games, generally in the form of freaky hidden secrets. Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto V both contain a fair share of allusions and collectibles stashed around the open world for players to find. The same is true of Red Dead Redemption 2, but in this case, it seems the priority is on shocking players who are merely exploring the open world.

Most Easter eggs are viewed as fun collectibles or bonuses for players who enjoy exploration. When it comes to RDR2, however, the Easter eggs are meant to scare players and force them to feel more isolated in the desolate Wild West. Rockstar aimed to ensure the forests, abandoned shacks, and wilderness areas were as frightening as possible. The creepiest parts of RDR2 are almost exclusively covert Easter eggs, which often appear more like penalties as opposed to rewards for the dedicated players who dare to seek them out. 

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    Ghost Of Agnes Dowd

    Photo: Rockstar

    Known as the Ghost of Agnes Dowd, this apparition appears late at night in the forest area of Bluewater Marsh. Dressed in a pale dress, she glows with an unsettling green light that emanates through the surrounding fog.

    Each time the player encounters the spirit, she will murmur dialogue under her breath, seemingly lamenting her existence.

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    The Night Folk

    Photo: Rockstar

    The Night Folk are a group of cultists in RDR2. Traveling to Bayou Nwa, the player can come across a series of swamps and waterways. These bizarre people lurk around the area of Bluewater Marsh. The Night Folk are vile hunters who use traps and other tools to slay and take from their prey.

    This group only operates at night - so they're a nasty surprise for anyone who comes across them in the dark. 

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    Woman In White Crying

    Photo: Rockstar

    The crying woman wanders La Llorona near Bluewater Marsh. She is wearing an all-white dress and kneeling on the floor. At first, she appears to be a merely a pawn of misfortunate circumstances, so it's only natural for people to want to go near her and help. But players should beware - approaching the woman will cause her to be aggressive, and the noise may inspire the Night Folk to attempt a trap.

    It's possible this was an intentional maneuver to catch any well-wishers by surprise.  

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    Mass Pit Of Athletes

    Photo: Rockstar

    Anyone visiting Blackwater in RDR2 might have come across newspaper articles about a missing sports team. The story states that the athletes from a local school had gone out on a run but never returned. This Easter egg proves they met a morbid fate.

    Players who explore the area of Tall Trees can uncover a giant hole filled with almost a dozen athletes who are still wearing their team uniforms.

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