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Creepiest Easter Eggs In 'Red Dead Redemption 2'

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Rockstar has always included Easter eggs in their games, generally in the form of freaky hidden secrets. Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto V both contain a fair share of allusions and collectibles stashed around the open world for players to find. The same is true of Red Dead Redemption 2, but in this case, it seems the priority is on shocking players who are merely exploring the open world.

Most Easter eggs are viewed as fun collectibles or bonuses for players who enjoy exploration. When it comes to RDR2, however, the Easter eggs are meant to scare players and force them to feel more isolated in the desolate Wild West. Rockstar aimed to ensure the forests, abandoned shacks, and wilderness areas were as frightening as possible. The creepiest parts of RDR2 are almost exclusively covert Easter eggs, which often appear more like penalties as opposed to rewards for the dedicated players who dare to seek them out. 

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    A Haunted Forest

    Photo: Rockstar

    There are many scary aspects in R, but few are as unsettling as the forest in Roanoke. At night while journeying through the area, players can hear whispers of a conversation, but the source is unknown. Some Redditors have transcribed the dialogue and suggest the voices might originate from a couple that passed while ghosts in the area chased them.

    According to a film in the game, the woman involved in the incident escaped. However, after she told the locals what had happened, they made her stand trial, then set her aflame for being a witch. 

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    Photo: Rockstar

    In the game, players can stumble upon a strange mutant creature that appears to be a sinister reference to South Park. The monstrosity dwells inside an abandoned house rife with animal parts in formaldehyde. The home seems to be a makeshift lab for some deranged experimenter, and the horrible hybrid fastened to the wall is the real statement piece.

    The creature shares a striking resemblance to ManBearPig from South Park

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    A Blood-Sucking Vampire

    Photo: Rockstar

    This Easter egg will only trigger once the player has found alarming graffiti. The player will then receive a waypoint at the St. Denis Cathedral. At the church, there will be a vampire feasting on its prey. The strange encounter can turn into a fight, but the vampire is incredibly strong and can endure a lot of damage before perishing.

    After defeating the creature, the player can skin it and harvest its bat wings.

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    The Strange Man

    Photo: Rockstar

    The Strange Man first appeared in RDR1. In the first game, he acted as a sort of conscience for John Marston, testing the player's morals through requests to carry out tasks for strangers. He is aware of everything about Marston, even past deeds he's attempted to forget. This seemingly immortal character doesn't appear in RDR2, but he gets referenced.

    In the sequel, there is an abandoned cabin in Bayall Edge that has an unfinished painting. As players stare at it, the canvas slowly fills with paint and gets completed, revealing what appears to be the Strange Man. There are also reports that he can be seen staring at you from a mirror's reflection in the cabin, though he disappears when the player turns around to catch a glimpse of him.

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