Real People Share Their Most Terrifying Experiences While Driving

Road trips are a great way for you, your friends, or your families to leave the comfort of your home, listen to some awesome driving tunes, and either hit up some of your favorite on-the-road restaurants, or explore the unknown reaches of the country. However, this might just lead to a disturbing, scary, or just plain weird encounter with things that go bump in the night (or the day, for that matter). These terrifying experiences can further crank up the spook-o-meter to eleven if you are also lost and/or stranded in an unfamiliar place.

But even everyday car trips like driving home or just going for a quick ride around town can turn into horror movie situations in the blink of an eye.

Here are some genuinely horrifying and creepy driving experiences shared by a handful of Reddit users. Whether they were with their friends or families, these people were just looking for a little bit of adventure, a cure for late-night boredom, or they just wanted to get home and go to bed. But instead, they came face to face with their worst nightmares, be it supercreeps from among the living, or entities encountered on a haunted highway.

A word of advice, though: don't read these creepy road trip stories while you're actually on the road.

  • Couple Finds Themselves in a George Romero Film

    "My husband and I were on a road trip coming back to Louisiana from Iowa. We would drive in 4-hour shifts, while the other person slept in the back of the car.

    It was about 3 am, and he woke me up to start my shift. I looked around and didn't see another car in sight or even a streetlight or building. He had taken an alternate route that he thought would be faster.

    Finally, we come across a small, local gas station with a single light on. It was closed, and our car was the only one there. We pull over, and as I'm getting ready to open the car door so we can switch places, my husband tells me to hold on. I look up, and from behind the back of the gas station, a man wearing rags was shambling towards us quickly. Not quite running, which made it even scarier in a zombiesque way.

    I told my husband to hurry and drive away. He was intrigued though. He just stared ahead as the guy got closer and closer. I started freaking out and screaming for him to go until he did.

    As he drove away, I looked behind us until the gas station disappeared. As far as I could see, the man followed the car at the same odd pace he was walking at until I could no longer see him. Gives me the chills big time."
  • Iconic Horror Movie Villain Enters into the Real World

    "One time I was driving back home. I see something in the road that looked like a person. No houses near me, no cars, nothing.

    As I got closer, I could tell it was a person. They had on a black trench coat. I slowed down out of fear of hitting something or someone. As I got closer, I could tell they had on a hockey mask. They tried standing in front of my car in what I could only assume was an attempt to get me to stop. I went around, and they were very close to my window. It scared the sh*t out of me.

    I don't know if it was someone trying to randomly mess with people driving by or if they could've been someone looking to harm me. They even could've been trying to steal my car. Still, I'll never forget looking out of my window and seeing that Jason mask looking back at me!"
  • The Strange Delivery Man Needs Your Help

    "This one happened to my parents about 20 years ago now. Both of them were driving out to Death Valley to a hotel for a weekend in the winter time, and they had left late in the day and were going to arrive at the hotel at night. The hotel was about 30 minutes outside of the actual Death Valley town center, and when they finally found the place, it was completely abandoned. My mom gets spooked easily and didn't want to go and look, but my dad's into that sort of sh*t and got out of the car.

    Right after he walks around the back of the building to look around, a man approaches my mother's side of the car. He claims his motorcycle broke down, and that he delivers newspapers to Death Valley. My mom looks around and sees no motorcycle anywhere. And this hotel had nothing near it, not one building. This guy was begging, begging my mom to come get the newspapers and take them to a hotel in town, otherwise he'd lose his job. He had the stack in his hands and wanted her to open the door, so that he could give them to her.

    My mom's getting serious vibes from this guy now and refuses, locks all the doors, and tells him to go away. He continues to beg. Finally, my dad comes around the corner, and the guy panics a bit and just hands them over to my dad quickly and leaves. They drive off, and they spot the guy start walking off into the desert.

    They finally get to the hotel to deliver the papers and end up booking a room there. When they hand over the newspapers, the lady at the desk tells them they don't get any newspapers delivered to the hotel. My parents open up the stack and look at the front page - it's a newspaper from 1954."

  • Hers Is a Face of Illness

    "About two years ago, my buddy and I decided to go on a drive. It was a hot summer night, and we were bored out of our minds, so we picked up some cigarettes and went on a late night drive. We decided to drive to the top of the mountain; the base of the mountain is about an hour drive from where I lived, and it takes about another hour to drive all the way to the top where they have a restaurant/bar. This is in Norway by the way.

    It was pretty late, around 3 am in morning, so we knew the bar would be closed, but we thought we would just chill on the benches, have a smoke, and take in the view at first light. So, we get to the base of the mountain and start driving up and round; the road twists around the mountain until you get to the top, so when you reach a turn, you can barely see round the corner. It was pitch black darkness, only the road was visible due to the street lights, but apart from the road, the edges and mountain side were barely visible. We had been driving for about half an hour. Everything was pretty enjoyable - absolutely empty roads, complete silence - it was just relaxing.

    As we turn one of the bends, I get this very uneasy feeling as I see something - definitely a person, sitting on a boulder at the edge of the road. My friend sees this as well, but keeps driving... We park the car right opposite this figure, engine still running, and my friend calls out, "Hi there, are you okay?" (I have to admit I was still pretty scared, so I didn't say anything.) No response. Then the figure looks up in our direction, and we get the f*cking sh*t scared out of us. We saw that it was a woman, wearing a plain white dress, with very long, beautiful hair, but her face was three time the length of a normal person's face, her eyes were completely blank, and she had a smile on her face. I swear to God we both felt so fearful that we were completely paralyzed. We couldn't yell or even communicate, not even a single word - it felt like we couldn't move.

    I don't know how he found the courage to press the gas and get the hell out of there, but I do remember that when we both got home we had a very high fever, and we were like that for a couple more days afterwards."

  • He Wants You to Get Out of the Car

    "About two years ago, I was driving home from a family reunion pretty late at night, and the drive was about two hours. I didn't stay the night because I had to be back for work the following day. Most of the drive was on roads with dense bushes and trees on either side - the real creepy ones you see a lot in movies.

    Anyway, I had been driving about 45 minutes, and I was starting to get really tired. You know how sometimes you just suddenly become really tired out of nowhere? Well yeah, that happened to me. I knew I wasn't going to last, but I didn't come across any place that I felt I could park and safely sleep.

    Anyway, after it became clear to me that I wasn't going to find a place to pull up, and my tiredness wasn't going away, I did something very questionable. I pulled over to the side of the road onto the grass, behind some bushes, to try and hide my car from anybody else who was going to come past (the roads weren't empty; I came across another car every few minutes or so). I made a mental note that the time was 11:22 and then fell asleep.

    Some time later, I was awoken by a scratching sound. I looked at the clock - 11:50. The sound stopped after a few seconds, and because I was still extremely tired, I didn't bother looking around and simply went back to sleep.

    I was later awoken by the same sound, and it was now 12:40. This time it really freaked me out because the sound didn't stop. The thought ran across my mind that it was just an animal inspecting the car, but why would it return almost an hour after it had left the previous time? I looked in my rearview mirror and just managed to catch a glimpse of something running away into the forest. Now, at the time, I thought it was the damn hook killer (you know the one that scratched that couple's car and then slaughtered the guy when he got out to investigate?). "F*ck that," I thought to myself, so I got the hell out of there.

    There was a bend no more than a 100 yards up the road, and as I came around it, there was a f*cking car, parked off to the side of the road with the driver's side door opened. I slowed down just to look to see if anyone was in there (there wasn't). Then I looked in my rearview mirror. I didn't see anything, and all of a sudden, this guy comes sprinting around the corner. He starts screaming at me, shouting stuff like, "Hey! Hey you! Get the f*ck out of your car! Now!"

    I noped the f*ck out of there and sped off. I never saw the guy again."
  • Invasion of the Wrinkly Pig Men

    "A few years ago, my best friend and I were sharing a house out in the country. One of her children was being fussy and wouldn't sleep, so we decided to take a drive down some back roads. About 10 minutes after I start driving, we are pretty far into the boonies of my city, where the street lines are few and far between and everything is terrifying.

    I only glimpsed them, but I swear to God I saw a pack of three or four of the most mismatched creatures ever. They were like little pigs, with human teeth and eyes, but their skin was an odd shade of pink, and it was wrinkled, as if they had all rapidly lost weight. I screamed and floored the gas pedal all the way home.

    As we neared my house, about four houses down, I saw another similar creature that was the same shade of odd pink and had the same texture of skin. This one however was taller and standing upright on two legs, half-hidden in the shadows. We rushed the kids in, but neither of us slept that night.

    The next day, someone or something had slashed two of our car's tires."