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The Creepiest Things Ross from Friends Ever Did

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Who doesn’t like Ross? Well... most of us, actually. Just do a quick search for the words "Ross is the worst" and you will stumble upon several Tumblrs devoted to proving that Monica Geller’s brother was a horrible human being. Even if you disagree, you have to admit there were several creepy Ross Geller quotes and moments during the 10-year run of Friends. And now it's your job to rank them all.

Sure, all six friends did creepy things at one point or another. Joey threw a girl’s wooden leg in the fire. Monica had sex with a high-school senior. Rachel flew to London to ruin her ex’s wedding. Phoebe used to mug people. Chandler pretended to move to Yemen just to break-up with Janice. But all these transgressions seem harmless when you compare them to some of the truly awful stunts our favorite (or least favorite) paleontologist pulled over the years.

From acting like a jealous freak to saying the wrong name at his wedding, take a look at the creepiest things Ross did on Friends. Vote up those creepy times that make you agree that Ross might actually be the worst. 

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    He Kissed Monica in College

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    Season 10, Episode 11, "The One Where the Stripper Cries"

    In his defense, he thought she was Rachel. But seriously, who kisses a girl who had way too much to drink and is currently partially unconscious? Creepy dudes, that’s who. 
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    He Was a Jealous Freak

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    Seasons 1 to 10

    Ross was always the jealous type, but things really got out of hand after Rachel met Mark and got a job at Bloomingdale's. His jealousy was part of the reason they ended up taking a break. Plus, he was also paranoid when he followed Elizabeth to Florida, thought Emily was cheating with Susan, and when Rachel started dating after she had Emma. He hopefully got over his issues once Rachel got off the plane. One can only hope.   
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    He Basically Treated Mona Like Trash

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    Season 8, Episodes 6 to 17

    Mona was a very nice, patient, and reasonable woman. Ross met her at Monica and Chandler’s wedding and they dated for a huge chunk of season 8. During that time Ross acted like the ultimate creep – changing the locks right after he gave her a key, abandoning her at the movies, not telling her he moved in with Rachel, breaking into her apartment after they broke up to recover a sweater. Ugh. 
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    He Thought Rachel’s Nakedness Was Meant to Entice Him

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    Season 5, Episode 23, "The One in Vegas"

    When Rachel starts to dance naked because she’s home alone, Ross sees her from his apartment and instantly assumes she’s doing that for his benefit. He marches over there to perform "the physical act of love," but just ends up humiliated. 
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