Graveyard Shift People Describe The Creepiest Thing They've Seen At Sea  

Christopher Shultz
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The sea can be a creepy mistress indeed, as two Reddit threads dedicated to sailors and people who've spent time in seclusion reveal. These 16 sailors, fisherman, Navy officers, divers, swimmers, and casual boaters recount bizarre encounters, horrifying sightings, and strange occurrences while out to sea, in the ocean, and hunting in large swamps. You'll think twice about going near large bodies of water after reading this list.
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Something Pulled The Boat Along

"My dad and I are fishing off the Florida Keys. We have our anchor out and had been fishing for about an hour. 15 minutes later the boat gets bumped and we rock a little bit, my dad jokingly saying "Looks like jaws is after us better stay away from the edges." 10 seconds after him saying that the boat begins moving backwards: we are being towed by our anchor line that's in the water. Whatever has it is now dragging the boat backwards slowly getting faster and our boat is getting pulled under too. Next thing I hear is "No f*cking way" as my dad drops his pole runs from the front to the back grabs a knife and cuts the anchor line.

"After that we decided that fishing was not in the cards that day."

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Strange Glow

"RAN 2000ish, Indian Ocean on watch maybe 0200. Pitch black except for stars and quiet apart from the diesels. I notice a humming sound, sorta halfway between hearing it and feeling it. This goes on for a while, but all of a sudden it got a lot more intense and suddenly I notice a glow way under the water. I thought it was bioluminescence on a shark or whale or something but it kept floating up and suddenly just SHOT off maybe half a naut mile taking the hum with it in about 1 or 2 seconds. 

"Nothing can move that quick underwater. I reported it and it was logged but nothing came off it.

"Heard stories from shipmates about the same thing happening but the glow goes into the air, dunno about that but what I saw I have no explanation for."

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Knowing Some Large Predators Exist Out There

"I do a lot of night fishing off of South Carolina and Florida. I get a lot of fish that are bitten in half by sharks. Some of them had to have been very, very large. When you reel in a large sportfish's head like some kind of sequel to The Old Man and the Sea and realize the shark is close to half the size of your boat miles and while you're miles offshore, essentially in the middle of nowhere, you get more than a little freaked out."

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Possessions Following a Tsunami

"I was en route to northern Japan after the terrible tsunami happened for disaster relief (Marines). Anyway, I had stepped outside to a catwalk for a smoke after not seeing the sun for a few days. Turns out that it was extremely foggy and snowing, which I had never thought about. The ship was basically reduced to a crawl, it was all very silent and quite peaceful. After chain smoking for 10-15 minutes I started to hear things hitting the ship. Had trouble seeing at first but once I saw the roof of a house and a crib float by, I realized where we were. Ran back to my living area to grab some friends. We all get back out there and silently observed people's lives floating by us.

Not super crazy or bizarre, but it's something I'll never forget. Spent the next week and a half dealing with crazy weather shifts doing my part in the clean up effort."

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