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14 Chilling Ghost Stories From San Antonio, Texas

Some of the spookiest ghost stories from Texas come straight out of San Antonio. Every nook and cranny of the world has their own little collection of ghost stories and creepy legends, and when you consider a state as big as Texas, it’s no wonder so many crazy supernatural tales come from just north of the border. Austin and Houston have quite a few terrifying legends, as does Dallas, but there are scary tales from San Antonio that would give even seasoned ghost hunters the chills.

The spirits of San Antonio are some of the strangest out there. Consider the dancing demon who woos pretty women out for a night on the town. Restless spirits are said to haunt the famed Alamo. And then there's La Llorona, the "Weeping Woman," who lingers near the water. The creepiest San Antonio ghost stories offer a chilling glimpse into the history of this beautiful, and mysterious, city.

  • Remember The Alamo - And Its Ghosts

    Photo: nan palmero / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    The most haunted place in San Antonio might be its most famous: the Alamo. Guests staying next door at the Menger Hotel have looked out their windows and seen apparitions at the storied mission. People report spotting a ghostly monk in the courtyard, and noticing an unknown man on the roof. Visitors to the Alamo itself have experienced cold spots, heard disembodied voices and a woman weeping, and seen a mysterious light in the tower at night.   

    According to legend, Mexican troops had planned to tear down the Alamo after the battle of San Jacinto. But the soldiers were driven off by angry, sword-wielding spirits - and the building still stands.

  • The Macabre Tale Of Midget Mansion

    Photo: DeadJosey / via YouTube

    A bizarre legend tells the tale of the building known as "Midget Mansion." In the 1920s, the Gillespie family moved into a house that they had modified to meet their unique demands. The couple were little people, but their children were of average size, and so was the hired help. Even still, everything inside the main house and the housekeeper's quarters was miniaturized.

    The staff was treated horribly in addition to being given extremely confined living space. No one knows for certain what happened next - except that everyone wound up dead. Some say a staff member snapped and murdered the family with an axe, then lit the house on fire. Others say it was the crazed Mr. Gillespie who butchered his entire family, then himself. One by one he slit their throats, dragged their bodies to a closet, and stuffed them in.

    Regardless of the specifics, the atrocities that took place supposedly haunted the mansion for years. Locals claimed to hear scratching inside the walls by the closet where the bodies were found. Even those who didn't dare enter the house heard screaming and saw ghostly silhouettes moving past the windows of the long-vacant mansion. The house was eventually torn down.

  • A Headless Nun Wanders Santa Rosa Hospital

    Some whisper that, deep within the basement of Santa Rosa Hospital, lurks the restless spirit of a headless nun. On October 30, 1912, a terrible fire tore through the hospital’s neighboring building, St. John’s Orphan Asylum. The nuns frantically attempted to lead the orphans to safety - and in the confusion, one woman was left inside and consumed by the flames. How she became headless is anyone’s guess, but now her spirit is said wander the building.

  • A Dancing Devil Woos Local Ladies

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    A dancing devil has been known to frequent the El Camaroncito Nite Club. The stories started in 1975, when one man at the club began dancing with every pretty lady in the room. But then one woman looked down to an alarming sight: instead of feet, her partner's legs ended in the claws of a chicken. The woman fled in terror.

    The devil has been spotted at other clubs over the years, sometimes appearing with hooves, sometimes with chicken feet, but always dancing.