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Are These The Creepiest Santa Clauses?

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The legend of Santa Claus is a worldwide mythological institution... despite the fact that the creepy concept centers around a man who breaks into your house to leave you gifts in exchange for treats. Every year, we see photos of the jolly do-gooder that prove how scary Santa can be. The creepy Santa photos collected here are the downright freakiest photos of Santas (mall or otherwise) that have ever been taken. From masks that seem like they’ve been pulled directly out of your nightmares, to creepy Santas who look WAY too comfortable with a kid on their lap, these are the holiday pictures that will leave you feeling uneasy on Christmas Eve.

Even though these funny pictures of Santa might humanize the monstrous creature that slips down your chimney each December, don’t be fooled – the man in red is still a real creep. Remember, if you find yourself in a mall around Christmas time, you can pick up your own scary Santa pictures with whatever creepy Santa is suffering through the meat sweats in a red jogging suit.

Or you can play it safe and enjoy our list of the best creepy Santa pics this side of the North Pole. 

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    How Can We Be Sure That Isn't Belsnickel?

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    Creepy Claus?
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    Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare Fuel

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    Creepy Claus?
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    This Is Exactly Why You Shouldn't Let Santa Read the Necronomicon

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    Creepy Claus?
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    Dawn of the Santa of the Apes

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    Creepy Claus?