17 People Describe Their Creepiest Experiences With Kids

Innocent children can be cute, funny, and surprisingly, very creepy. Whether they are describing their scary stories with an imaginary friend or freaking parents out with an eerie warning, creepy kids are quite skilled at giving us goosebumps.

Here are people's disturbing, creepy true stories with spooky kids that will surely give you chills down your spine. So if you start to feel anxious around your little cousins or that one weird kid you babysit...you've been warned.

  • Godson Puts out Serial Killer Vibes

    "He's not my kid, but my godson is extremely creepy. He likes to stand in his little sister's doorway while she naps and watches her sleep. I ask him why and he says, "It's the closest I can get to seeing her dead."

    He also likes to shove her fist in his mouth as far as it can go because he wants to "know what suffocating is like, just in case."

    I'm pretty sure he'd be a serial killer if it wasn't for Mario Kart."
  • Kid Shows Babysitter How He Would Kill His Mommy

    "I babysat. When the parents went out, the little boy, who was around six, told me, "I'm going to kill mommy," and took me to the top of the stairs where he'd tie a string across the banisters at ankle level."
  • Son Shares How He Would Hide His Victims

    "My son has said that when he kills someone he'll put their body on the train tracks, so no one will know they were murdered. Then, he said if anyone saw him, he'd have to put their body on the train tracks, too. He was six.

    I embrace his dark side. It'll help out a lot in the future zombie invasion."
  • Daughter Has Existential Epiphany in the Middle of Night

    "I come home from work one night to find my darling two-year-old blonde daughter standing at the top of the stairs staring up at the full moon in her jammies, teddy bear in hand. She should have been in bed by this time.

    Not wanting to scare her, I walked up the stairs, knelt down next to her and asked her what she was thinking about. I was imagining she would say something childish like, "Is the moon really made of cheese, daddy?" Something cute like that.

    Instead, she turns to face me with a very serious look in her face and, in a very serious and creepy monotone voice, says to me, "We are all in the same cage!" Two years old!

    I nearly died of fright. I literally recoiled from her and ran back down the stairs backwards. I couldn't believe it.

    She said a few more creepy things like that, but it stopped after a while."
  • Child Hides Animal Corpse from Father

    "My kid hid a dead animal. It's escaping me what kind it was at the moment, either bird or squirrel. He kept it there for long time until it began to stink up everything. When I found it, I thought, "Oh sh*t, am I raising a serial killer?"

    I watched him closely for years. He's fine now, in college, good grades etc.

    If he's a serial killer, I have no idea."
  • Little Girl Imitates "Lady with the Braid"

    "I was visiting family for winter break in Los Angeles. This was about five years ago.

    I was heading to the bathroom on the second floor of my aunt's house when I saw my cousin, April, on the stairs. April was four and very animated. She was busy making funny faces while sitting on the stairs. I asked her what she was doing. She said, "I'm copying the lady with the braid." I looked around; there was no one else, but us.

    I asked, "Where is the lady, April?"

    She pointed to a beam running parallel to the stairwell. I asked April, "What is the lady doing?" She said, "Making funny faces."

    I smiled and started walking up the stairs again when April said something that stopped me in my tracks.

    "Her braids is around her neck."

    I turned back and asked April to repeat herself. April pointed, "The lady is hanging by her braid... She's making funny faces."

    Then April started making a face which I then realize was it someone gasping for air."