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The Creepiest Sci-fi TV Shows Of 2019

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Are you into creepy sci-fi TV shows and want to see what 2019 has to offer? These are the creepiest sci-fi TV series you can look forward to in 2019, which are either new or continuing from a previous season.

When it comes to sci-fi tv series, they aren't usually described as creepy. In most cases, a science fiction series details a world far in the future, or one that involves aliens in a more fantasy setting than a creepy or horrific one. That being said, the genre hasn't shied away from dipping its toes into the pool or horrific creepiness, and these series are some of the creepiest science fiction shows ever made.

Newer series like Netflix's The Umbrella Academy may not seem all that creepy to everyone, but peel back a layer and it's about an alien who adopts seven children with superpowers and raises them without giving them names. Oh, and there's a butler/teacher who happens to be an intelligent chimpanzee as well, and if that's not creepy, what is? Another series that's new to 2019 is the newly launched The Twilight Zone, which will take inspiration from its predecessors to deliver a series of creepy exploration into what scares and fascinates us.

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