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Creepy Legends And Ghost Stories From The Sea

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If you've ever set foot around a campfire, you've probably heard your fair share of ghost stories, maybe about a headless man in the woods or the spirit of a long-lost child. But are you familiar with stories of ghost ships and other ghoulish tales that are set out at sea?

Sure, we've all heard Bermuda Triangle stories, but there are plenty of other terrifying tales that take place on the open ocean. Here are some of the scariest ghost ship ghost stories from around the internet.

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    The Captain Of The 'Jenny' Left An Eerie Note For Rescuers

    The ominous final entry in the captain's book aboard the Jenny reads, "May 4, 1823. No food for 71 days. I am the only one left alive." When the whaling boat Hope came upon the Jenny in 1840, they supposedly found the captain and his crew still aboard, but frozen to death after the ship became trapped in ice.

    Some even claim that the captain was found frozen in his chair, still holding the pen he'd used to write his last words.

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    Video Footage Aboard The 'Kaz II' Showed The Crew Just Before They Vanished

    In 2007, the Kaz II, AKA the "ghost yacht," was found drifting near the Great Barrier Reef off the northeastern coast of Australia. The three-man crew was nowhere to be found, and surprisingly, there were no signs of piracy or foul play of any sort. 

    A video camera was found aboard containing footage of the three men sitting around, fishing in choppy water without lifejackets on the first day of their voyage. Could the crew have succumbed to the ocean's waves? Investigators suspect they experienced a "freak accident," though the men's bodies were never found.

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  • Photo: Aldus Books London / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain

    The SS 'Baychimo' Hasn't Been Seen In Over 50 Years

    The cargo ship SS Baychimo was an abandoned ship found lodged in ice in the Arctic Ocean in the 1930s. The ship eventually broke free of the ice and began floating, sans crew, onto the ocean. Several attempts were made to board and stop the ship, but to no avail.

    The last sighting of the SS Baychimo, which up until then had been frequent, was in 1969, decades after its initial discovery. Though a 2006 investigation by the Alaskan government was launched to find the ship's whereabouts, these attempts were unsuccessful, and the SS Baychimo presumably still sails the sea to this day. 

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  • Photo: Unknown / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    The Crew Of The 'Carroll A. Deering' Disappeared After A Distress Call Went Unanswered

    The Carroll A. Deering was discovered in shallow waters off the coast of North Carolina in 1921 with no crew on board. The ship had set sail a month prior, en route to deliver coal from Virginia to Rio de Janeiro. There was apparently discord on the ship between the captain and his crew, culminating in the first mate threatening the captain's life. After a brief stint in jail, the first mate reconciled with the captain, but something went terribly wrong as the Carroll A. Deering returned home.

    On the return voyage, the Carroll A. Deering allegedly made a call to a lightvessel (a ship that acts as a lighthouse) reporting that they had lost the ship's anchors. Unfortunately, the captain of the lightvessel was unable to report the incident because the ship's radio was broken.

    When the Carroll A. Deering reappeared several weeks later with the crew nowhere in sight, an official investigation was launched, yielding no results.

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