Reddit 25 People Discuss The Creepiest Things They've Seen While In Secluded Areas  

Amanda Sedlak-Hevener
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Being in a secluded area is creepy enough on its own, especially if you're alone. Having a scary encounter while in the middle of nowhere quickly becomes the premise for a horror movie that you're unfortunately witnessing.

These creepy tales, all culled from Reddit, are of that very thing - horrifying events that take place in the middle of nowhere. Whether these people are in the woods, the open ocean, in guard shacks, or living in their own very private compounds, these scary stories are all true and all terrifying. 

Special Forces Training In The Woods

I used to work as an ecological surveyor for the Ministry of Agriculture here in the UK. I was surveying an area of moorland in the Peak District where the military trains.

Basically I used to get paid to take long walks every day recording the ecology and anything else notable. I had been walking for about four hours and hadn't seen another person in that time.

The trail I followed led me into a small woodland and I was just walking along. Suddenly there were about 10 or 12 guys standing around me. All armed to the teeth of course. All of them laughing as I nearly crapped myself.

They were all special forces types training on a camouflage/stalking course, and had been following me for about an hour. Apparently I nearly trod on one of them about 10 minutes before as he was hiding right by the path. We all ended up sitting around in the wood having a chat.

A Bloodied Man At The Door

From May 2010 to May 2011, I worked as a security guard at a hydroelectric dam in Virginia. It was a fairly isolated location; if you needed an ambulance, you could expect at least a 20-minute wait. About a month after I was hired, one of the guys at the dam told me that most security guards out there quit after a few days because they got so creeped out being alone at the dam at night, and he was glad I was sticking it out.

In truth, it could be creepy. Sometimes at night, when I was patrolling the basement-level of the dam itself, I’d think about the fact that I was fifty-feet below the water-line on the low side, the only human being in about a mile-and-a-half radius. Sometimes I’d hear weird noises in the woods, or catch a flash of a shadow while I was inside the dam. It takes a lot to scare me, though, and I knew I was either hearing critters in the woods or my mind was playing tricks on me.

One night, however, something happened that scared the living heck out of me. It was a little after 11 pm, and I was sitting in the guard house reading a book. Suddenly, I heard a tap at the door.

What was creepy about the guard house at night was that when you had the lamp inside turned on, people could look through the windows at you, but the glare made it difficult for you to see outside.

When I heard the tap at the door, I thought it was a bug hitting the glass; it was so faint, and I knew there weren’t any contractors at the dam. I had the place to myself.

Then the tap came again, more insistent this time.

I grabbed my flashlight and opened the door. There was no one there.

Then I let the door slip from my hand and shut behind me. To my left - previously concealed by the door as I had opened it - was a huge man, at least 400 pounds, wearing a gray sweatshirt and gray sweatpants. The sweatshirt was smeared with fresh blood.

My heart started hammering. My blood ran cold. I was so scared I couldn’t speak.

As it turns out, he was a local fisherman who had been fishing off the bridge over the tailrace and he was wondering why the power company hadn’t started back-pumping into the lake yet, because they usually started a little before 11 and that was what always drew in the big striped bass. He was smeared with blood because he’d already caught and gutted a couple and wiped his hands on his shirt. He felt really bad when he realized that he had approached me basically in the same way that a murderer in a horror movie would have.

I am thankful to this day that I was unarmed security, because if I’d had a gun, I would have either shot him or accidentally shot myself while trying to shoot him.

Old Bones And Whispering In The Woods

Fifteen years ago I went camping with two school friends in bushland that backed onto my dad's property in Woori Yallock, Australia. My dad didn't spend much time at the house but said we could use it as a base to dump any gear we might not need. He also gave me a heads up that he might creep up to our campsite that night and scare the guys I was with.

We hiked from the house for about four hours through very dense bush, where we found a clearing and decided to set up our camp. Looking around the place for firewood, we kept turning up a lot of old bones - some so old they almost looked like wood. We concluded that due to the land once being used for farming it was likely they were cow bones. We came up with a few more theories for the sake of scaring each other then built our fire (even burning a couple of the wood-like bones just to see what would happen) and settled in.

I was woken up by one of my buddies at about 1 am who said he swears he saw torchlight on the tent wall. "Excellent" I thought. We sat in silence for a few minutes before the light came back. This was great! I really hammed it up, making up stories about murders in the area and escaped prisoners. The light from the torch fixed on our tent, then switched off. We could hear leaves and sticks moving around outside and my buddies were on the verge of tears.

Then we started hearing whispering outside, as well as some low mumbling. Dad had brought some friends in on the prank? Dedicated.

The torch light came back on and pressed right up to the tent wall, and a hand began tapping across the top while the whispering continued. My dad had brought some friends in on the prank and convinced them to walk four hours through dense scrub in the middle of the night just to shine a torch on our tent? I started to panic. Then it just stopped completely, about an hour after it began. We sat in total silence aside from the sobbing of my buddies, and at dawn packed up and left. We got back to the house and dad was there; he apologized and said he'd planned to come out and see us last night but fell asleep at his girlfriends house. We told him about what happened and he was genuinely dumbfounded.

Interestingly, I went back to the spot a couple of years ago after telling this story to a friend. We found a small shack made of corrugated iron pockmarked with bullet holes, a 44-gallon drum full of burned clothes, a pile of firewood, and two axes. Who knows if it's related, but it was creepy.

Stalked By A Predatory Cat

I used to live in rural Panama in a community with no electricity. The whole town is inside by sundown, around 7 pm, and asleep by 9 pm. One night, I'm outside at around 11 pm photographing stars and I have to turn my head lamp off while the camera is taking the picture, usually about 30 -to-150 seconds at a time. 30-to-150 seconds of almost complete darkness. When I finish a photo, I'll turn my head lamp back on and look at my camera to adjust settings and take another shot.

One time when I turned my head lamp on, I saw a pair of eyes just about fifteen feet away in the bushes staring at me. I've got friends who have worked setting camera traps throughout the country and I've seen picture evidence that there are still several types of big cats alive and well in the area. I lean down to pick up some rocks, look back up, and the eyes are gone. My house is about 100 feet away. I do my best to turn my handful of rocks and dinky tripod into weapons and run as manly-like as I can back to my house. I never went back out to take pictures at night.