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Construction Workers Of Reddit Describe The Creepiest Secret Rooms People Have Asked Them To Build

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Secret rooms in houses give homeowners a way to indulge in fantasies not suitable for daylight, stockpile defensive items, and keep valuables hidden. Who hasn't dreamed of having a secret room hidden beneath a trap door or maybe behind a bookcase? But while the dream may be innocent, the reality often leans towards the macabre. According to the contractors and builders hired to build them, certain secret rooms are just plain creepy.

Construction worker stories on Reddit capture slices of humanity's darker and more hedonistic sides - from secret dungeons and smoking rooms to places strikingly suited for body disposal. Their stories of the secret rooms in homes they got hired to build may leave you second-guessing mirrors and walls.

  • A Place To Spy On Guests

    From Redditor /u/I_AM_POOPING_NOW_AMA:

    Never built one, but I did find one in a house I was doing some plumbing work in once. This was an expensive condo, and they had a secret office that had a secret one way mirror looking into the GUEST SHOWER. Creepy as f*ck, man.

  • A Dungeon With A Drain

    From Redditor /u/scottsuplol

    Had a request to build a hidden room which was to my belief be used as a dungeon for, um, intimate activities. He requested low hanging support beams, a sunken in part for "storage" we painted it in red and black colors. The floor was tiled in one portion for a drain.

  • A Hidden Apartment

    From a former Redditor:

    There was one I never saw the finished stages of that was basically an entire apartment accessible only by a small hatch in a closet. Either the home owner was planning to harbor criminals, or a mistress, a man in an iron mask, or just really wanted to be able to get away from his family. Hope it wasn't like an HH Holmes thing.

    Did a lot of mansions and this wasn't insanely common but far more than I expected. There was one builder that did a lot of these houses who managed to find a retired electric chair that he kept in a hidden room. He "joked" that when his kids were bad he would make them sit in it for few hours. It didn't have power running to it but still.

  • A Secret Safe Room In An Unlikely Building 

    From Redditor /u/ivegot2legs:

    I had a client once who wanted a safe room. Full concrete, ballistic glass, rated to withstand explosions, reinforced doors, separate power and HVAC systems. Dedicated phone and tele/data as well with direct alarms to security and the police.

    The thing that was unusual was that they wanted it handled entirely separately. A different building permit, with a different crew, all work being done at night. If anyone was ever able to find blueprints or permits to plan a Hollywood-style caper, they wouldn't know about the safe room. (This was a public building, not a private residence.)