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Construction Workers Of Reddit Describe The Creepiest Secret Rooms People Have Asked Them To Build

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Secret rooms in houses give homeowners a way to indulge in fantasies not suitable for daylight, stockpile defensive items, and keep valuables hidden. Who hasn't dreamed of having a secret room hidden beneath a trap door or maybe behind a bookcase? But while the dream may be innocent, the reality often leans towards the macabre. According to the contractors and builders hired to build them, certain secret rooms are just plain creepy.

Construction worker stories on Reddit capture slices of humanity's darker and more hedonistic sides - from secret dungeons and smoking rooms to places strikingly suited for body disposal. Their stories of the secret rooms in homes they got hired to build may leave you second-guessing mirrors and walls.

  • A 'Survival' Bunker

    From Redditor /u/Barley_Hops_Water:

    Electrician here. Have done a few. The coolest was a secret passage-way and attached room in a very nice house. It was hidden by a movable bookshelf on both ends. The guy said he didn't have a specific reason for building it, he just always thought it would be cool to have a secret passage-way in his house.

    The other one that stands out was an underground survival bunker accessed through a hidden door in the back of a garage. It had an additional exit by means of an underground tunnel that lead almost 100 feet in the bordering forest. The strangest thing about it was that it was a survival bunker that he had us wire with outlets and lights, despite there not being any type of of back-up/off-the-grid power. Makes me think that he actually had an alternative purpose for the shelter.

  • A Quiet Place To Sneak Away

    From Redditor /u/ceigetank:

    Ive been painting houses since I was 15 and I've done two. One was a room behind a bookcase for the kid's playroom. The second was in a millionaire's summer home. On the fourth floor of the house, there was a closet on the same wall as the elevator. A section of drywall came away and lead to behind the elevator. There was a wooden ladder that went up and down the entire house, at the very top was a trap door that lead to a small room that was about 6 by 6 feet. It had windows and vents that could be opened or sealed completely. Pretty sure it was for their son to hotbox.

  • A Surprise For The Next Homeowners

    From Redditor /u/mangster83:

    My dad is a doctor, and does a lot of construction at home on his free time. This one time he was moving a wall, making one room smaller and another bigger. He was putting a entire-wall-bookshelf kind of thing in the smaller room, and just to f*ck with future homeowners he snatched one of those plastic skeletons from his job and hid it in the space between the bookshelf and the wall

    I expect headlines sometime in the future.

  • A Plan For When The Kids Are Born

    From a former Redditor:

    Wife and I had a secret, soundproof "sex dungeon" type room built adjacent to our bedroom. The reason for the room is that we have various devices in there that are impractical to disassemble and put away when we have friends over (or the day we have kids and still want to enjoy our fun discreetly).

    We had some devices installed when we built the room, such as a large metal cage and other restraining devices. The people who built the room probably asked us a hundred times if we were sure we didn't plan to take and hide people. The architect nearly dropped the project when I jokingly asked him to make sure there'd be an electric outlet to plug a chainsaw.