Graveyard Shift

Creepy Stories And Legends About The Skirvin Hotel

The distinctly creepy Skirvin Hotel was not always like it is today. To understand the origin of the Skirvin legends, one must go back to the hotel's beginning.

Built by W.B. Skirvin in 1910, the hotel was to provide all the finest comforts to Oklahoma City visitors. When it opened in 1911, it was the first hotel in the city with air conditioning. Towering at 10 stories tall, it contained 224 rooms and a grand ballroom with a capacity of 500. In 1930, a third wing was added, increasing the size of the building to 14 stories with 525 rooms.

It was shortly before the addition that things turned dark at the hotel. It is said that Skirvin had an affair with a hotel maid, who became pregnant. In order to prevent a scandal, it is said that he locked the pregnant maid in a room on the top floor of the hotel. Even after giving birth, the maid was not allowed out of her confines. Driven to madness, she hurled herself and the infant child out of the window.

Since then, hauntings have been reported in the hotel. Staff nicknamed the maid's ghost "Effie," though the true identity of the maid is unknown. She still wanders the halls, disturbing guests, sometimes in the most provocative ways. The infamous 10th floor, formerly the top floor, seems to be the locus of the encounters. These Skirvin ghost stories are some of those tales, all accounts of contact from the other side in this haunted hotel.

The maid's tragic story is not the only eerie thing to have happened at the Skirvin either. The hotel was supposedly the site of numerous séances and a meeting place for devil-worshippers, and at least four people (besides Effie and her baby) have perished there.

Read on for some otherworldly stories about the haunted Skirvin Hotel.