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10 Creepy Sleep App Recordings That Will Keep You Up At Night

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Sleep is terrifying. Not only does your brain shut down and enter a nightmare world where your worst regrets play out on a loop (does your brain not do that?) but you’re defenseless, lying alone in bed without any way of knowing whether or not someone is watching you. Many people have discovered they weren’t alone at night when they listened to creepy sleep app recordings that they made to monitor their sleep apnea or to just figure out why they were so groggy the next day.

There are a multitude of apps out there that turn on automatically when they register any sound or movement, and they’ve all managed to make some very scary sleep app recordings. You’re going to want to wear your headphones while you check out these spooky recordings.

Not all creepy recordings made in your sleep are created equal. Some of them feature what can only be described as guttural howls from beyond the grave, while others feature voices speaking in full, intelligible phrases. Every single one of these sleep app recordings is very unsettling. You immediately imagine the haunting sounds occurring while you sleep, unaware of anything that’s happening around you.

If you want to give yourself the big-time willies, simply record yourself sleeping and play back to any of the sounds that happen around you while you slumber like an angel. You’ll never want to go to sleep again.

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    A Man Recorded Himself Speaking In A Language He Doesn't Know

    Photo: anyjazz65 / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

    An anonymous fellow on the Internet posted some of the recordings he made of himself using the Dream Talk Recorder app, and the sounds he heard the next morning are genuinely unsettling. In a post featuring the audio, he wrote, "It recorded some bizarre things the other night which I'm sure were just ramblings of a dreaming brain but in one of them it almost sounds like whispering is occurring at the same time as me making noise... and I don't know any other languages so the others are a bit weird."

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    This Anonymous Sleep Recording Contains A Very Unpleasant Surprise At The End

    An anonymous poster on Reddit linked to a friend's sleep recording that contains an extremely creepy sound at the end. Unfortunately, there was no extra information provided other than the fact that his friend has been recording his sleep for some time now.  This recording is best to listen to with headphones, but for all you 'fraidy cats out there, the short audio essentially catches some unintelligible sleep mumbling followed by what sounds like someone in the background whispering something incredibly vicious. 

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    Someone Recorded Themselves Pleading For Help

    Video: YouTube

    This quick recording comes from Canada and it simply features someone calling for help in their sleep, over and over, until the recording comes to an end. The lack of context makes this recording so much more unsettling than it should be. 

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    This Man Recorded A Demon - Or Himself Snoring

    Photo: Sarah Ross photography / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

    One Redditor took to the web to see if anyone could help them figure out what was making the roaring sound in his sleep recording. Unfortunately, they never received any straightforward answers.

    For quite some time I've been hearing a lot of weird whispering sounds in my apartment. Initially I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me. But then I followed some of the advice on the sub here and used snore lab to document any sounds at night.

    You can hear the sound here, and it's somewhat demonic, but also kind of snorey. 

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