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10 Creepy Sleep App Recordings That Will Keep You Up At Night

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Sleep is terrifying. Not only does your brain shut down and enter a nightmare world where your worst regrets play out on a loop (does your brain not do that?) but you’re defenseless, lying alone in bed without any way of knowing whether or not someone is watching you. Many people have discovered they weren’t alone at night when they listened to creepy sleep app recordings that they made to monitor their sleep apnea or to just figure out why they were so groggy the next day.

There are a multitude of apps out there that turn on automatically when they register any sound or movement, and they’ve all managed to make some very scary sleep app recordings. You’re going to want to wear your headphones while you check out these spooky recordings.

Not all creepy recordings made in your sleep are created equal. Some of them feature what can only be described as guttural howls from beyond the grave, while others feature voices speaking in full, intelligible phrases. Every single one of these sleep app recordings is very unsettling. You immediately imagine the haunting sounds occurring while you sleep, unaware of anything that’s happening around you.

If you want to give yourself the big-time willies, simply record yourself sleeping and play back to any of the sounds that happen around you while you slumber like an angel. You’ll never want to go to sleep again.

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    A Woman's Phone Recorded Someone That's Definitely Not Her

    A Reddit user going by the name "Jenny" made a post about how she was using the Sleep As Android app that records your sleep patterns so you can better decipher how to fix your wonky sleep habits. The app records any sounds of movement and you can listen back to them in the morning while checking out your stats.

    One day, when Jenny played back her previous night's sleep, she heard the unmistakable sound of a male's voice answering her when she asked “What are you doing?” The voice answered, "Nothing." No thanks!

    The voice can be heard saying something later in the recording and Redditors theorized that it was either saying “I’m dead” or “That’s them.” Neither of those options are the ideal thing that you want to hear from a mysterious voice in your bedroom at night. Jenny claimed that there were no signs of a break in, and it doesn't sound like she's answering herself in the male voice that answers, so what did she capture?

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    A Male Voice Identified Himself On This Woman's Sleep Recording In A Very Ominous Way

    In 2016, a young woman decided to look into why she was waking up at the same time every night and took a listen to the sleep recording from her Pillow Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app. What she heard was very strange.

    There are 33 recordings. The majority of them are just me shuffling my blanket around or small groans. The one at 4:42 AM absolutely terrifies me. You can hear me whimpering a bit. But then there's a very masculine voice. I'm a female, if you haven't guessed. He's mumbling while I groan in my sleep and then near the end of the 10-second recording it's very clear that he says "I........AM."

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    A Chicago Family Captured An Insane Sound

    Photo: Cooperweb / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    A family in Chicago claimed that they were experiencing a stretch of paranormal activity that included scratching sounds, random knocks, and footsteps that stomped around in the middle of the night. But the most terrifying thing that happened to them was an animalistic howl that they caught one night on a sleep recorder.

    Elvia G, who posted about the haunting, wrote, "A lot of the time when you go up the stairs you feel something following you and getting really close to your ankles."

    It kind of sounds like someone scooting a desk across a concrete floor, but it's weird that no one would hear that in the middle of the night. 

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    A Man Recorded Himself Speaking In A Language He Doesn't Know

    Photo: anyjazz65 / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

    An anonymous fellow on the Internet posted some of the recordings he made of himself using the Dream Talk Recorder app, and the sounds he heard the next morning are genuinely unsettling. In a post featuring the audio, he wrote, "It recorded some bizarre things the other night which I'm sure were just ramblings of a dreaming brain but in one of them it almost sounds like whispering is occurring at the same time as me making noise... and I don't know any other languages so the others are a bit weird."

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