The Creepiest Things People Have Ever Said in Their Sleep 

Lea Rose Emery
Updated April 26, 2020 558.1k views 19 items

Sleep-talking is one of the creepiest behaviors around. People say the weirdest things, and you have no idea if they know - or mean - what they're saying. Sometimes, it can feel like you're getting a little glimpse into a side of someone you've never seen, while other times it can feel like a completely different person has taken over the body of someone you know. These creepy stories from Reddit contain examples of real-life sleep-talking, and they're as strange as it gets. 

Some of them are straight out of creepy stories, while others are just super confusing. Especially the ones that happen halfway in between sleeping and waking, which seem to have an extra layer of weirdness about them, a mix of dreams and reality. If you know a sleep talker, you know how out there it can get. And if you've never slept next to a sleep talker, here's a look at the other side - and it's really damn creepy.

The Early Riser

Posted by Reddit user stops_to_think:

"I had an ex who had some [issues] previously in her life, blamed herself for [a fatality], heard her asking forgiveness (of the deceased person) all the time. Sometimes would sleepwalk and try to leave the room, wake up screaming, crying, etc.

Anyway, at some point I found out that [my girlfriend] seemed to have multiple personalities. One would usually wake up about 10 minutes before the other (normal) girlfriend. Problems were thus...

  • Early riser knew who I was, which is why it took me a little bit to catch on
  • Early riser was a genuinely happy person, who I honestly liked better than my actual gf.
  • Early riser was always [ready for intimacy].

These were problems because, my actual girlfriend (at the time), waking up in the middle of... stuff, was none to happy to discover it happening. Luckily, she apparently knew about this, so it didn't take much explaining to get the situation sorted out. From then on she just let me know that I should make absolutely sure she was awake.

Early riser started showing up more often. Eventually I became rather good at differentiating between the two by just looking at their smile. My SO's smile was usually fake, it hurt me to see. Early riser was always happy. However, I learned that early riser didn't take no for an answer when it came to morning time intimacy, which was obviously a problem. I figured out that by pretending to go along with it, and brushing her hair behind her ear as if I was about to kiss her, I could wake my ex up. For some reason behind her ear was like a wake up button. I employ this technique effectively for a while.

I'd like you to understand that all of this so far has been the build-up, what comes next is what gives me an adrenaline rush to this day. Up until this point I didn't actually know that Early Riser was a separate individual, I had just assumed it was my ex being half-asleep and carefree in the morning.

One day early riser wakes me up trying to get some [intimate] times. I roll over smiling and begin to brush her hair back. She grabs my wrist... really hard. I stop. 'What's wrong?'

'I don't want you to touch behind my ear,'

Slightly freaked out, 'Why not?'

'Because then you go away'

Cue realization crashing down around me. I got less adrenaline bungee jumping, I kid you not. I fumbled around stalling for time until my ex woke up.

Every time early riser would show up after that she would grab my wrist if I tried to go near her ear. Usually managed to find away to sneak my hand back there anyway. One day she didn't try to grab my wrist. I touched behind her ear... nothing. She smiled at me like she knew, I felt like my heart had stopped. I panicked a little bit and just shook my ex awake at that point. Didn't see as much of her (early riser) after that."

White Noise

According to Reddit user u/rhamish

"Last night as usual my partner fell asleep before I did and seemed to be sleeping away quite happily. After a while I rolled over and was about to fall asleep myself when out of the blue she rolled toward me and kind of whispered, 'It all goes white you know... white static and noise...' 

Needless to say I almost sh*t my pants, mainly because of the creepy intonation, but also I had no f*cking idea what she was on about. In the end I just had to wake her to see if she could shed some light on it but sadly she didn't have a clue."

The Ones You Love

According to this Redditor

"My girlfriend once sat upright in the middle of the night, looked directly at me, and said, 'It will all disappear... just like the ones you love.'

She went to sleep again right after that, but I was too freaked out to go back to sleep and ended up going on Reddit for several hours."

Strangers In The Corners

Reddit user JamesOfTheYear said:

"One of my mates has [bad dreams], one time we were [sleeping] on some couches, and I was just dozing off and he sits straight up and says, 'There are strangers in the corners,' and just lies back down slowly."