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The Creepiest Things People Have Ever Said in Their Sleep

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Sleep-talking is one of the creepiest behaviors around. People say the weirdest things, and you have no idea if they know - or mean - what they're saying. Sometimes, it can feel like you're getting a little glimpse into a side of someone you've never seen, while other times it can feel like a completely different person has taken over the body of someone you know. These creepy stories from Reddit contain examples of real-life sleep-talking, and they're as strange as it gets. 

Some of them are straight out of creepy stories, while others are just super confusing. Especially the ones that happen halfway in between sleeping and waking, which seem to have an extra layer of weirdness about them, a mix of dreams and reality. If you know a sleep talker, you know how out there it can get. And if you've never slept next to a sleep talker, here's a look at the other side - and it's really damn creepy.

  • The Founding Fathers Were Fire Starters

    Reddit user Crysos wrote:

    "My mom tells tales of stuff my dad would say. He would only talk in his sleep when he was under a lot of stress from work. A few of his gems are: 'Thomas Jefferson is in the house and he has a hatchet. Get the kids I'll fight him off.' 'George Washington and James Madison are arguing in the kitchen, make them be quiet.'

    This next one is my favorite, it happened while my mom was pregnant with my younger brother. Dad: 'The house is on fire!' Mom: 'What?!' Dad" 'He finally did it: Thomas Jefferson set on fire, we need to leave.' Dad also would sleep walk and he got up and forced my mom out of bed. Mom: 'Who, what?' Mom gets me, leaves the house, and Dad goes back to sleep."

    • In The Closet

      This Reddit user stated:

      "My dad likes to tell me a story of him and my mom when they were young  It had been one of the first nights they spent together, when my mom suddenly sits up in bed and stares in the direction of the closet in the complete darkness.

      My dad, not quite asleep, notices her and asks, 'What's wrong?' My mom turns to him, points to the closet and whispers quietly:

      'There's someone in the closet.'

      Dad, sh*tting bricks, gets out of bed, grabs something to defend himself with, and goes to the closet. Lo and behold, it's empty.

      When he turns on the light, my mom wakes up and returns to consciousness, and gets angry at him. 'What are you doing up this light? Go to bed!' She lies back down, rolls over, and falls asleep.

      My dad is left wondering what...just happened."

      • Sleep Divorce

        Reddit user Jordanlund posted:

        "One night my wife shoved me awake. I wake up and she's sitting bolt upright in bed like that chick from Paranormal Activity. She tells me, 'We're going to have to make other arrangements!' then takes her wedding ring and stuffs it in my hand. 'THIS IS FOR YOU! I can't you believe you did that in front of (our son's name)!'

        She then lays back down and is instantly asleep.

        So I wake her up, she's all groggy and it's plain she was asleep through the whole thing. I ask he if she knows what she just did and she says no, at which point I hand her back the wedding ring."

        • Jack Daniels Has A Thirst

          Redditor Bv10 said of a late night sleepy encounter:

          "My roommate at university had weird nightmares/sleep talking (possibly night terrors, but idk enough about them to say so). Personal favorite was when we got really drunk and he yelled out in his sleep about 'JACK DANIELS IS HERE FOR MY KIDNEY! GET A SHOVEL!'"