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People Describe Their Creepiest Sleepover Experiences

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Having sleepovers is easily one of the best things about being a kid. Hanging out with your school friends at each others' houses, staying up late to watch television, and playing games creates some of the best childhood memories.

While they are generally all fun and games, occasionally sleepovers can take a more sinister turn - especially when ghost stories are involved. However, at other times, events may lead to creepy situations that no one expected to happen. Whether due to the conduct of the guests or something else, it is possible for these get togethers to become alarming.

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    They Saw A Home Invader Climb Through The Window

    From Redditor: /u/KillerOrangeCat:

    When I was around 12 years old. My friend Bobby's mother would not let him come over and spend the night. But she told him it was all right if I came over and spent the night. I was really in the mood for a sleepover, so I went ahead and did it...

    I woke up feeling thirstier than I could have ever imagined. Getting up, I stumbled out of bed and downstairs while not turning any light on at all. When I walked into the kitchen, I turned the light on. Immediately, I saw a man, a huge man, at the far window. Actually he was going through the window. He was half in and half out. And he was now looking right at me.

    I couldn't have waited too long, but it seemed like forever. I was terrified... But before the guy could get all the way through the window, I screamed and ran in the other direction and up the stairs back to Bobby's mother's room. I pounded on the door. Bobby had woken up and he came into the hallway before his mom had opened the door.

    Finally, the door opened. She looked at us and then suddenly past us. Both Bobby and I turned and noticed the man reaching the top of the stairs. Quickly, she ushered us into the room and locked the door. She called 911 and then grabbed her gun from the closet. She told the guy, who was now rattling the door that she had a gun and would use it. That didn't deter him until she fired off a shot. He ran off.

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    They Were Interrogated By The Host

    From Redditor: /u/justbronzestuff:

    I was at this guy's birthday party and he invited me to sleep over. After everyone left he locked his door and got a military flashlight and a camera. The dude proceeds to interrogate me at very private/uncomfortable levels and every time I refused to answer, he'd hit me with the flashlight. He had to take a leak and locked the door on the way out, leaving me locked.

    I didn't have a cellphone at the time (I was 12, it was circa 2006) but he did have a phone there. I left a desperate voicemail in my house and hoped for the best. It took my mom three hours to listen and go pick me up. By the time she arrived I was scared, bruised and crying... It was one of the worst experiences of my life.

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    They Were Watched While They Slept

    From Redditor: /u/HumanoidRobot:

    Stayed at a friend of a friend's house. Woke up with his dad (thick mustache and glasses, and a mild grin) just watching us sleep. I just lay there, not moving and pretended to be asleep.

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    They Saw A Shadowy Sandwich-Making Man

    From Redditor: /u/Nekronymph:

    I was around 11/12 years old and I lived with my grandparents. They were out of state for their anniversary and I was allowed to have a friend over for the weekend. They trusted me enough to not give me a babysitter or anything either, which was very cool of them. I lived in the mountains and our closest neighbor was more than a mile away, so I guess they assumed nothing too bad could happen.

    My friend and I were playing Guitar Hero at about midnight. When we heard noises from the kitchen, thinking it was just my cats making noise we ignored it and a couple minutes go by and it got louder. Sounded like jars clanking and silverware. We both walked into the hallway and could see that there was someone in the kitchen. A shadow figure of a man standing in front of my fridge. We look at each other not sure what to do. To get to the phone i would have to walk right by him, no way he wouldn't see me. My dumb*ss friend just decided to speak up: "Hey, Who are you?"

    She said it so calmly, which was surprising considering I was scared as sh*t. The guy dropped a bunch of sh*t and ran out of the house super quick. We run to get the phone and call 911. Turns out the dude was making a sandwich with stuff in my fridge. I want to know who he was and how he found my house. The cops never figured out who he was and my grandparents came home that night.

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