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People Describe Their Creepiest Sleepover Experiences

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Having sleepovers is easily one of the best things about being a kid. Hanging out with your school friends at each others' houses, staying up late to watch television, and playing games creates some of the best childhood memories.

While they are generally all fun and games, occasionally sleepovers can take a more sinister turn - especially when ghost stories are involved. However, at other times, events may lead to creepy situations that no one expected to happen. Whether due to the conduct of the guests or something else, it is possible for these get togethers to become alarming.

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    They Unknowingly Played At A Crime Scene

    From Redditor: /u/77putingtupa:

    When we were in 6th grade, there was a 3-day break so my friend decided we should have a sleepover at her house. But my mom didn't allow me to go but anyway..

    It was pretty much the usual sleepover. They woke up next morning and decided to play in the vacant lot next door. Nothing unusual.

    The following day, a news broke about a girl who was [assaulted] and killed by her own uncle. It was all over the TV. Guess where the body was found? In that vacant lot where my friends were playing. So while they were playing that day, the girl's body was actually in there and they had no idea.

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    They Had A Strangely Persistent Admirer

    From Redditor /u/torvan:

    Myself and some friends were staying at another friends house, we were all about 15. I'm a girl, for context. One of my friends (I'll call her Steph) was always very open to the fact that she thought I was smoking hot. I felt a bit weirded out sometimes, because I wasn't sure if she was being serious or not. I didn't mind whether or not she liked me, but sometimes it'd get a little too much, she'd say things like, "Oh the things I'd do to you."

    So at this sleep over, Steph, myself and our other friends began to play chasing. It started off as a bit of fun, but soon, Steph started to get rough and would tackle me to the ground and pin me there. I was genuinely a little bit scared, and the other girls started to notice that it was a little bit too close for comfort too. So we did what we had to do. We each grabbed one of Steph’s limbs and proceeded to tie her arms behind her back and her legs together. It took a good 20 minutes, because Steph is very strong and quite persistent. Eventually, we managed to keep her down, and we proceeded to watch television.

    That is until somehow Steph manages to escape... This was like horror film stuff. We all run upstairs, the three other girls make it to a bedroom, and I run to the bathroom. I lock myself inside and Steph starts banging on the door. I don't know how long I was in there for, but it started to get bright, and Steph was outside the whole time waiting for me to come out. I slept in the bathtub that night.

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    They Didn't Want To Play The Game

    From Redditor: /u/sanclementejedi:

    I was camping out in a tent with my next-door neighbor Joey in his yard when I was like 10. He tried to talk me into rubbing our [privates] together. "It's a fun game I learned from Mikey.”

    Mikey is now in jail... Joey is now president of local savings bank...

    Forgot to mention that Mikey kid was already in HS at that point.

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    They Wound Up At A 'Playboy' Sleepover

    From Redditor: /u/fruitypants:

    It was the summer between 5th and 6th grade at a friend's all-girl birthday slumber party, there were about 10-15 of us. A game of truth or dare somehow devolved into all of us getting completely naked and playing Playboy. And that's exactly what it sounds like. And it may have not even been too terribly uncomfortable of an experience if I hadn't been the only one of us who had not even begun to hit puberty...

    Nevertheless, I [undressed], but instead of posing... like all the other girls I sat by the door to "keep watch" in case the parents decided to come up and check on us. And here's the worst part... from my post at the door, I provided awkward as f*ck commentary on the whole scenario and what the other girls were doing, as if I was narrating some kind of... creepy video.

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