Graveyard Shift 12 People Describe Their Terrifying Encounters With Creepy Stalkers  

Jacob Shelton
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Most people would agree that the Internet has improved daily life. But the web has a dark side, too - the rise of social media has led to a rise in creepy online stalkers. These real-life creepy stalker stories are absolutely chilling, and it’s telling that so many of them begin with a seemingly innocent online meeting.

If you’re looking for an excuse to limit your Internet time, these Reddit stalking tales will give you plenty of reasons to log off. They contain some of the most skin-crawling descriptions of stalking that you'll ever read. From ex boyfriends who just can't take a hint to strangers who lovingly pen poems to the objects of their obsessions, this list has them all.

The Secret Box

The hair-raising experience of Redditor stillbettingonyou is best experienced in her own words. She had been casually dating a guy named Mike, and a few months into their relationship, he pulled a box out from under his bed.

"There are photos in the box," she writes. "I was in all of these photos, even if it was just part of me. There were also photos of my shadow in my bedroom. Mike lived in the apartments behind my house, and HAD to have snuck into my backyard and taken those himself. He had written on the back of all of these photos, obsessively detailing how beautiful, hot, sexy, etc. he thought I was. In one photo, I was holding hands with Tom [her ex-boyfriend], and the writing on that one explained, in gruesome detail, how much Mike wanted to kill Tom by bashing in his face. The box had other items as well. A crumpled tissue, which Mike said he retrieved from the trash can on the bus when I'd had a cold. Used condoms from each time we had sex, preserved in a Ziploc bag. And, as the icing on the creepy motherf*cker cake, he had a ball of my hair, roughly the size of a racquetball."

She broke up with Mike, and he eventually stabbed himself in the stomach on her lawn. He was placed in psychiatric care, and still attempts to contact her from time to time.

The Ex-Boyfriend From Hell

One Redditor describes the hell she went through after breaking up with her high school boyfriend. He followed her to college, broke into her dorm, and hid in the back of her best friend's car. He even managed to get into her off campus apartment, where he attempted to stab her. The ex also rounded up a crew of guys to jump her new boyfriend and beat her up while they were out on a date.

The situation came to a head when the Redditor returned home. The ex broke into her parent's house, where he encountered the girl's dad - who shoved a gun in his mouth. The Redditor says he has left her alone since.

Why Aren't You Online?

This story begins at a university on Halloween, when a young woman bumped into a normal-seeming guy and exchanged email addresses. That same night, he sent five emails asking why she wasn't online. She did her best to avoid him, but he began following her around campus, waiting outside of her door, and telling her RA that they were dating so he could get into her dorm. Within a month, he had her number and was calling her multiple times a day

She finally had to go to the head of the dorm and explain what had happened. After the stalker was disciplined he sent a final email accusing her of cheating on him with other men. Then he stopped contacting her altogether, and would only stare at her from across campus.

The Subway Stalker

A young woman who worked at a Subway sandwich shop had a chilling encounter with a stalker. A regular would come in every day, and "sit down after I rang him out and watch me from his table for 2 hours NONSTOP just STARING at me while I helped other customers."

One day while she was alone in the store, the man began calling and asking creepy questions. A week later, he made his final move. The Redditor says, "I'm clocking out and getting ready to walk to my car parked in the front and when I look outside, I see him standing by my car and looking inside of it. I was an idiot and left a back door unlocked. I watched him crawl inside, an [sic] shut the door. My manager locked the front door of our store and called the police. When they arrived they had to pretty much drag him out of my car, and he was arrested. On him was a butcher knife, rope, and a rag with CHLOROFORM on it."