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Creepy Stories About Ouija Boards 

Jacob Shelton
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There’s something inherently spooky yet inviting about a Ouija board. The intricate hand-drawn letters and numbers beckon you to trace the planchette along their curves and to call on whatever lies beyond the wall of death. If you’ve ever been to a Halloween party, you probably have a few creepy Ouija board stories, but we doubt that they’re scarier than the stories of ghostly visitors that we’ve collected from Reddit. Scary Ouija board stories are particularly terrifying because they deal with an unknown presence that the victims invite into their homes, the one place where we’re supposed to be able to relax and escape the corporeal haunting that is real life.

Ouija board stories all have a few things in common: groups of friends who underestimate the power of the spirit realm, entities that lie about who they really are, and mysterious occurrences that even the most ardent of skeptics have trouble explaining. Whether you’re a true believer or one of those skeptics, one of these stories of spirits haunting the living from the confines of a Ouija board will chill you to the bone and make you think twice before communicating with entities from another dimension.

If you’ve had a weird experience with a Ouija board or the DIY Charlie Charlie game, we want to hear about it! Leave us a comment about why you’ll never touch a spirit board again, or why you think the whole thing is a bunch of malarkey. Goodbye. 

Two Weeks of Hauntings

From Redditor /u/iamaballsack-ama

This Redditor went out of their way to get haunted by something that came through their Ouija board. After trying and failing to contact a spirit the first time, they cut the lights, lit some candles, and turned on an old radio to play nothing but white noise while they tried to contact the dead. That's a pair of bad idea jeans if ever there were one.

When a spirit finally responded, the Redditor and her friends learned that its name was Zozo, and from there things go about poorly as they could.

We began to try and move the planchette in circles like you do when you're expecting an answer, and all of the sudden, it f*cking stopped the "hello" spot of the board and would not f*cking move. We actually slid the whole board off the table trying to get it to move. It was being pushed down, hard. 

The planchette continually alternated between "Hello" and "No," the radio emitted screeching sounds, a bunch of objects fell off the top of the refrigerator, the candles blew out, and a cat that lives at the house began walking with a limp the next day. Weird activity continued in her home for the next two weeks...

There Was No Wind

From Redditor /u/kimmygibblersaywhat

After reading this collection of spooky Ouija stories that happened to one Redditor, you're probably going to buy a ticket for the "no thank you" train just like we just did.

The writer's most terrifying story comes from an evening where a spirit named "Deb" proves that it exists by explaining that it knows where she and her friends smoke, possible insinuating that it's watching them as they get their fix.

Not freaked enough by this information to stay inside, the Redditor and her friend Hailey press Deb to prove she is real.

I said "How will we know [you're real]?" and she said "TREES." I am like "f*ck that" and Hailey says we have to do it.

So, we're smoking outside, I'm looking into the forest sweating balls in fear, thinking I'm going to see a f*cking demon face in the branches or something. Eventually we relax, but then Hailey, mid-sentence, her face drops and goes white and shes like, "F*ck f*ck f*ck get inside NOW."

I f*cking toss my cigarette and jump in the window. We close the blinds and we're breathing super heavy. I'm like, "What the f*ck happened?" 

She says that behind me, in the distance, there was a big-ass, like, 100-foot-tall tree. There was NO wind, I remember this because I was watching my cigarette smoke go directly up and I was blowing perfect O's without them disappearing. She says the tree was still, then suddenly the WHOLE tree, including the trunk, moved back and forth, then went back to perfectly still.

I was like "HELL NO," and after awhile of freaking out, sat back at the board. When we put our fingers on it, it said, "Did you see?"

What the F*ck Is the Red Door?

From Redditor /u/huxleypearl

Redditor huxleypearl relates a Ouija board story that seems to be more about a family of ~intuitive~ people who live in a haunted house than anything else. But it's worth noting that their spooky troubles didn't begin until they horsed around with a Ouija board. Afterwards, their ghostly issues included phantoms pulling on a baby's limbs, a black clad ghost slave family, and the red door

What's more, the sister in this family may have summoned up something very troubling:

Anyway, her sister said that she was playing with the board one day, and when she asked who she was "speaking" to, she got a weird name. It struck her as odd, but she didn't really worry about it. Weeks later, she watched a special on the History channel or something; they were discussing demonology. She recognized one of the names as being the strange one she had encountered through the Ouija board. 

All Boyfriends Go to Hell

From a former Redditor:

While stationed in Germany, a group of soldiers decided to light some candles and contact the dead. The first spirit they spoke with was a young woman who had died while she and her boyfriend were driving home from a Grateful Dead concert, and now she was looking for him. After she went away, they actually spoke to the boyfriend, who asked if they could tell his girlfriend that he was sorry. Then they spoke to the ghost of an older woman who said that the reason the spirit of the young woman couldn't find her boyfriend is that he's IN HELL. (Cue lightning crash.)