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15 People Describe The Scariest Phone Call They Ever Recieved

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Prank phone calls are a horror movie staple for a reason. There is something intrinsically scary about a detached voice reaching out from nowhere. Also, there are a lot of weirdos out there with strange things to say and nothing makes it more obvious than these unsettling prank phone call stories from Redditors.

From perverts to bizarre strangers to friends with a cruel sense of humor, some of these scary prank phone call stories are truly terrifying. The threats, messages, and sounds people on the other end deliver are rarely things that anyone wants to hear. Some of these Reddit users even feared for their lives.  If you want to get spooked, check out these horrifying prank calls gone wrong. 

  • The Prank That Resulted In A Manhunt

    Not a phone call but I had a two-mile walkie talkie when I was a kid. I got these dope-ass talkies for Christmas so whenever my dad would be doing his patrols nearby, he'd talk to me. I brought them over to my grandma's to show off to my punky cousins. I was like eight, so of course all my new toys resulted in the younger family having a pissing contest.

    Well, I went out in the backyard by myself, and forgot the talkie was on. I heard the chime that someone had said something. I pulled it out and turned it up. Then, some creepy voice said he's going to get me and kill me, and then he started to describe me. I freaked the f*ck out looking around and the guy told me he's in the woods watching me. Now, the woods were around 200 yards or so out. Then, the creepiest part, he told me to look over at the neighbors tree and I find a noose tied up in it.

    I sprinted inside and got my dad who then got the family who then got their guns and went for a man hunt.

  • It Was Empty

    The bar I work in has three floors and a phone on each floor. To get an external line you have to dial nine, if you want to call one of the other floors you dial 21 (cellar), 22 (bar) or 23 (kitchen). A call from outside the pub rings twice, like a normal phone, you know ring ring, ring ring. An internal call is one slow ring, pause, slow ring etc.

    One night it had been busy as hell and I had end-of-week accounting to do in the cellar. I sent the staff home after they'd cleaned up around half-past midnight. I got done at about 3 am and was on my way up the stairs when the phone rang. I was going through the door so I wasn't really paying attention and it was only when I got to the bar that it dawned on me that it was an internal call, the slow, single ring. I picked up the receiver and I swear I could, very faintly, hear breathing. I hung up and realised that I'd have to go check the kitchen, as I'd just been downstairs and there clearly wasn't anyone in the bar. I got a broom (the best thing I had to hand) and went upstairs. First I checked the toilets, just in case anyone was hiding out there and then tried the kitchen. The door was locked. Practically shitting myself I took out my keys, unlocked the door and pushed it open. It was pitch black. I reached for the light switch and...

    Nothing, it was empty. No one but me was in the pub. I was pretty happy with that. It's happened maybe twice since and I just pick up the phone, say "go f*ck yourself" and hang up now. But that first time was not fun.

  • A Strange Pattern

    Before my wife and I were married, we lived together while we were in college. Maybe once a week or so, we'd get a call, often in the middle of the night. As soon as we said hello, they'd hang up. This is before cell phones or caller ID, so we had no idea who it was, and when your phone rings at 2 am, it's usually something important, so you answer it. If we just picked up the phone, the caller wouldn't hang up, but we could hear a TV or music in the background. Then as soon as we said something, they'd hang up.

    She graduated a year ahead of me, and I was living in a different place at school, and I started getting the calls. I also got a couple over the summer when I was at home. Then we got married, got our own place in a different city from where we lived and where we went to college, and the calls started again. Then I got a job back in my hometown, so we moved, and the calls started again. They started in 1987 and continued into the mid-'90s, right around when caller ID started becoming popular.

    We never figured out who they were from.

  • I Start Fires

    I was about 12 and living in Baker City in Oregon. There had been a series seemingly random housefires that were popping up all over town over about a week.

    I was at the neighbor's house. She was a nice lady and used to hang out with us kids.

    Anyway we were listening to some new music, Rancid I think, and out of nowhere she stops the music and said, "Hey, check this out, somebody left this message on my machine today," and presses play on the answering machine.

    A voice came out of the answering machine that sounded unlike anything I had heard before. It was a shrill, high pitched voice that aounded kind of like Doom from Roger Rabbit. The voice said "I start fires!" Then click, and that was it. It gave me goosebumps, and made it a little hard to sleep over the next few nights.

    They never caught the dude though.