9 Terrifying Stories About The Black-Eyed Children

Creepy stories about black-eyed kids have several things in common. First, it seems to take a while for people to notice the children's eyes. You would think that would be the first thing you see, but somehow the children seem to be able to temporarily shield their eye color even from those looking directly at them.

Another common theme is the instant feeling of unease and dread that people experience the moment they get close to one of these creepy children - they don’t need to see their eyes to know there is something wrong with them.

The mind may not be able to immediately process what exactly is going on with the black-eyed children, but in most of these stories, survival instincts kick in pretty quickly. For many of these witnesses, it's a primal, full body experience of terror.


  • The Children Tried To Get A Young Man To Walk Them Home In 1950

    The Children Tried To Get A Young Man To Walk Them Home In 1950
    Photo: catmccray / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    One of the earliest recorded sightings of black-eyed children was back in 1950. A 16-year-old named Harold was strolling up the street to his Virginia home when he noticed a boy leaning on a nearby fence. Harold said hello but received no response. He turned to leave, then the mysterious boy finally spoke: “I want to go to your house. You’re going to walk me up to your house.”

    That was when Harold noticed the boy’s eyes - they were pitch black. All his instincts screamed, “Run!” Yet he just stood there. Then, as if reading Harold's mind, the boy said “Now, don’t you run away from me. You’re going to walk me up to your house.”

    That was enough to spring Harold into action; he booked it out of there. He claimed he heard the child let out the scream of a bobcat, but he wasn’t willing to turn around to be sure. The account goes on to reveal Harold’s parents actually believed his tale and his father went out with his gun in hand, looking for what they believed was a devil. The black-eyed child was gone, but Harold’s mother demanded he go to the local priest to be safe.

  • The Children Stopped A Journalist And Demanded A Ride

    The Children Stopped A Journalist And Demanded A Ride
    Photo: Dave Hogg / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    Journalist Brian Bethel of Abilene, Texas, is credited with being the first person to post an online account of the black-eyed children phenomenon. It all began back in 1996. Bethel was sitting in his car writing out a check he intended to drop off at a nearby Internet provider’s office. He was startled by the sound of knocking on his window and looked up to see two kids.. He couldn’t figure out why, but a jolt of fear ran through him. They were just kids, but something was wrong with them, he just couldn’t figure out what.

    He cracked his window just enough to talk with them. The oldest of the two boys asked for a ride to their mother’s house. He claimed they were going to see a movie, forgot their money, and needed a ride so they could make it back for the movie in time.

    The movie theater was close enough that Bethel could read the marquee, so he asked the boys what they were going to see. Mortal Kombat was the reply. Brian knew that movie had already started an hour ago. Also, there was just something wrong with the pair: the way they spoke wasn’t natural; they didn’t sound as young as they looked.

    "Just let us in, and we'll be gone before you know it. We'll go to our mother's house."

    Everything the older boy said sent shivers down Bethel's spine, but then he saw it - the pitch black eyes lacking any real substance or soul. Bethel didn’t even try to hide his horror.

    "C’mon, mister, we won't hurt you. You have to LET US IN. We don't have a gun."

    The more he spoke, the more Bethel was sure he had to get out of there. He threw his car in reverse, the boy still yelling to be let in, and sped off. He gave one quick glance behind him but saw nothing. The black-eyed boys simply vanished before he even made it out of the parking lot.

  • The Children Menaced A Gas Station Attendant During A Power Outage

    The Children Menaced A Gas Station Attendant During A Power Outage
    Photo: sobri / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    A gas station attendant in northeast Louisiana had a terrifying encounter in November 2012. The gas station was creepy enough to begin with at 3 am, but then the power went out. Led by the light of his cell phone, the attendant was able to get the generators going, but the backup lighting was dim and only lit up certain areas, like the cash area and the parking lot, while the rest of the isolated establishment was cloaked in black. Out in that darkness, he noticed movement: three children on bikes were heading his way.

    They stood at the door and stared at the attendant. He felt creeped out, but they were just kids and it was way too late for them to be out. He opened the door and asked if they were okay. The young girl asked to use a phone, but as he handed his cell over to her, he realized her eyes were all black. “No, I need the real one!” She pointed at the landline inside. The thought of letting her inside sent chills up his spine. He shouted at all of them to leave as he slammed and locked the door.

    The children stood there a bit longer, silently staring at him through the glass with their solid black eyes. Then, they got back on their bikes and disappeared back into the darkness. The next morning, the attendant was eager to go through the surveillance footage. Unfortunately, the power outage cut the cameras off and they didn’t boot back up with the generator. He had nothing to prove the events of the night before took place.

  • The Children Stalked An Engineer Through His Security Cameras

    The Children Stalked An Engineer Through His Security Cameras
    Photo: nep / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

    An engineer working the night shift for a data center in Ohio had a creepy exchange and posted his tale anonymously as Noetic. It was around 5 am on July 31, 2010. Noetic was taking a smoke break outside when he noticed two teenage boys standing motionlessly and staring at him from across the street. Though he felt somewhat unnerved, he finished his smoke and went back inside. 

    Ten minutes after heading inside, the intercom buzzed. Noetic checked the monitors and there they were. The two boys had made their way over to his building and were now staring into the surveillance camera like they could see him through it. Through the speaker he asked what they wanted. They said nothing but motioned for him to come outside. He hit the speaker button again and told them to go away. They didn’t leave, but continued to stare into the camera as if they were watching Noetic as he worked. After a short while, Noetic went to the door to chase them off. 

    Right before opening the door, he saw them through the one-way glass and was horrified to see their eyes were completely black. He knew he had to open up the door and tell them to go away, and he decided he’d call the police if he had to. As if the boy read his mind, the moment the door opened, he said, “That will not be necessary, sir, we simply need to use your phone, can you let us in?” 

    Noetic was not about to fall for that nonsense. He pulled out his cell phone and threatened to call the police if they didn’t leave. He made sure the door was locked and went back to the monitor. Only one boy was still there staring at the camera. Then he realized the second boy positioned himself out back and was staring into the camera there.

    By 6 am, both boys had moved into a blind spot with no camera coverage. Noetic waited for them to reappear, but they simply vanished. The police arrived not long after, but both boys were gone.

  • A Couple Let The Children Into Their Home And Suffered From Terrible Illnesses Afterward

    A Couple Let The Children Into Their Home And Suffered From Terrible Illnesses Afterward
    Photo: mrbula / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

    In January 2016, a Vermont woman reported that she actually let black-eyed children into her home. A little over a year prior, a blizzard was ravaging the world outside her door, so she was very surprised to hear a loud knock on it. Figuring someone probably crashed their car trying to navigate the weather, she made her way to the door and peeked out the window. There was no car. She described a feeling of dread wash over her for reasons she couldn’t understand. The banging continued, so she decided to wake her husband to let him answer instead. 

    Two small children were on the other side of the door, and they were not dressed appropriately for the storm. The woman and her husband let the little boy and girl inside despite the great sense of unease their presence made them feel and regretted it almost instantly. One cat hissed while the other three hid - unusual behavior for them all. And it didn’t seem to matter what the woman asked them: What happened? Are you lost? Want some cocoa? The answer was always the same: “Our parents will be here soon.”

    She made them cocoa anyway and when she returned with the mugs, that’s when she noticed their eyes. They were completely jet black, with no whites at all, just giant black pupils. They asked for the bathroom and she directed them to it. Then everything happened all at once: her husband’s nose started bleeding, the power went out, and as she rushed to get a tissue, she was confronted by both children staring at her from the hall.

    "Our parents are here.” 

    They then walked out the front door. She watched as the creepy children got into a black car with two very tall men in suits. They left. Within months of the encounter, three of their four cats went missing; the fourth - the one that hissed - was found in a pool of blood, dead from a hemorrhage. Her husband's nose bleeds continued and he was eventually diagnosed with skin cancer - despite spending little time outdoors. The woman began suffering from chronic nosebleeds as her husband initially had, and her health began slowly deteriorating. She is certain it's because of the black-eyed children.

  • The Black-Eyed Children Caused A Fatal Car Accident

    The Black-Eyed Children Caused A Fatal Car Accident
    Photo: Tim @ Photovisions / flickr / CC-BY-ND 2.0

    Jon Northwood was heading to his car on the third floor of a parking garage when one of the guys from the conference he’d just attended, Doug, asked him to drive him around the block a few times. He said there were some freaky-looking kids hanging around his car and was hoping to kill some time while waiting for them to wander off. Jon let Doug in and they started cruising. When they neared his car, Jon saw the group Doug was talking about and agreed they were creepy.  

    Three kids, two boys and a girl, all gothed out. The girl looked about 15, the boys around 14 and 10. They were intense, but Jon described it as if he really needed to look at them. He stopped driving. The kids maneuvered around his car and the youngest one said, "It's scary out there all alone, and we just wanted a ride home."

    One said Doug had offered them a ride home, which he denied. Jon felt as if his heart was going to erupt from his throat as adrenaline raced through him. Doug said he was getting out of the car. As soon as he reached for the handle, it was like the children got older somehow, and he saw their eyes were solid black - no pupil, no iris, nothing. Just black. Jon threw the car into reverse drove backwards about 60 feet.  

    The kids began to pursue them, so Jon took the car around the lot's corners going around 30 miles per hour. He felt that they would die if he let those kids get to the car. He sped down three floors only to find the oldest boy was already at the bottom of the garage when they came out. They sped past him out of the garage; when Jon turned around, the boy was gone and so was that menacing feeling that had been building inside him since making contact with those kids.

    They waited 10 minutes before going back to Doug's car. The black-eyed children were nowhere in sight. It was then that Doug admitted he had given the younger kid a ride earlier, but felt scared when he saw the older child.

    Upon leaving the garage for the second time that night, the menacing feeling returned. Jon was behind Doug’s car, watching helplessly as he misjudged the time it would take to get through the intersection on a yellow light. Doug was struck by a truck and died instantly. The police arrived and Jon gave his report, feeling uneasy the whole time. Only then did he look around and see the black-eyed children standing two blocks away, staring at him.