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12 Terrible And Creepy Things That Have Happened At The Cecil Hotel

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The Cecil Hotel has been the site of so many gruesome suicides, grisly murders, and unexplained deaths that it inspired Ryan Murphy to set the fifth season of American Horror Story in the creepy hotel. In addition to the number of guests who have passed while visiting the Cecil, at least two serial killers have stayed at this notorious hotel during their sprees, making it the kind of place where you just might sleep next door to a slayer. However, it wasn't until the LAPD released a disturbing video of a young woman who was later found dead on the roof of the hotel that the Cecil reached a level of infamy that required the owner to change the name to Stay on Main.

Regardless of its name, this hotel is definitely the sort of place where you might check-in, but you never check-out.

  • Many People Have Taken Their Lives While Staying At The Hotel

    In 1931, a 46-year-old man, W.K. Norton, was found deceased in a room at the Cecil. Apparently, Norton had checked into the hotel under an alias and taken his life by ingesting capsules filled with poison. 

    North wasn't the last person to take his own life at the Cecil. Many people have died by suicide in the hotel since the 1930s.

  • A Passerby Was Killed By The Body Of A Falling Woman

    In 1962, a 65-year-old man named George Gianinni was walking past the Cecil Hotel when he was hit by the body of Pauline Otton, 27, who had jumped from the window of her ninth-floor room. Following a fight with her husband, Otton lept 90 feet to her death, not knowing she would also end the life of a complete stranger. 

    The passerby, Gianinni, was killed instantly, proving that even walking past the Cecil Hotel can be deadly.

  • A Hotel Resident Known As Pigeon Goldie Was Raped And Murdered

    In 1964, retired telephone operator Goldie Osgood, known to the locals as "Pigeon" because she loved to feed the birds in Pershing Square, was found viciously raped and murdered in her room at the Cecil. 

    Sadly, the person responsible for Osgood's murder has never been caught.

  • A Young Woman Fell From Her Hotel Window And Got Tangled In Telephone Wires

    In 1937, 25-year-old Grace E. Magro died as a result of either falling or jumping from the window of her room in the Cecil. Instead of hitting the sidewalk below, the young woman landed on the the wires connecting the telephone poles next to the hotel, and her body became entangled. Magro was taken to a nearby hospital, but she eventually died from her injuries.

    The police were unable to determine if the young woman's death was an accident or a suicide, and M.W. Madison, the sailor Magro was sharing the hotel room with, couldn't explain how or why his companion plunged from the window - he claimed to have slept through the incident.