Graveyard Shift

12 Terrible And Creepy Things That Have Happened At The Cecil Hotel

The Cecil Hotel has been the site of so many gruesome suicides, grisly murders, and unexplained deaths that it inspired Ryan Murphy to set the fifth season of American Horror Story in the creepy hotel. In addition to the number of guests who have passed while visiting the Cecil, at least two serial killers have stayed at this notorious hotel during their sprees, making it the kind of place where you just might sleep next door to a slayer. However, it wasn't until the LAPD released a disturbing video of a young woman who was later found dead on the roof of the hotel that the Cecil reached a level of infamy that required the owner to change the name to Stay on Main.

Regardless of its name, this hotel is definitely the sort of place where you might check-in, but you never check-out.