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20 Hotel Workers Describe The Creepiest Things They've Seen

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Just about everyone has a creepy, scary, or horrifying hotel story, but if you ask the average hotel worker (night audit clerks, housekeeping staff, managers, etc.) you'll likely hear stories beyond your wildest imagination. As proof, consider these 20 tales from hotel workers around the world. You won't be the same afterward.

  • Unusual Clean-Up Request

    From Redditor /u/Fluxywild:

    "Worked in a motel when I was 17-18 years-old. I was at the front desk not working when the housekeeping guy called me to check something out in a room that was being cleaned. I go up there and the housekeeping guy is standing in the middle of the room, pointing up to the ceiling. 

    There was a set of bare foot prints on the ceiling, which is at least 10 feet high. Bare. Not shoes or slippers, and only in the middle and nowhere else. There's no way he jumped that high upside down and left no prints on the walls either.  

    Also he left a single bullet on the bed."

  • Shadow Figure

    From Redditor /u/Mythrin:

    "I used to work in my aunt and uncle's hotel in a Scottish village about 12 years ago, and the freakiest shit that happened to me was one night when I was sleeping in the staff quarters and heard a banging noise from along the corridor. This was about 3 am after most of the staff had gone to bed. I got up to go and tell whoever was coming in late to shut the f*ck up so I could go back to sleep, but the corridor was empty. Well-lit I have to add, this is key.

    So I walk down the end of the corridor to see if it's folk coming up the stairs drunk or whatever. I look down to see a figure stomping up the stairs. The only way I can describe it is as though a shadow of a person that was solid. There were no features on the face or clothes on its body. Imagine someone in a black morph suit walking along but you could see things through them.  

    I turned and ran back to my room and shut the door. I could still hear the stomping for some time, and I don't think I got a wink of sleep at all that night. I didn't leave my room until the sun was shining through my window. I asked a few of the other staff if they heard the banging the night before, but nobody else had, and like f*ck was I gonna mention seeing shadow men coming up the stairs at 3 am."

  • Inaction Is An Action

    From Redditor /u/thedoormatt9:

    "Worked as a chef for a Hilton. Remember speaking with one of the managers of a different downtown hotel, very high end, and he told me this story:  

    Manager was on his way out of the hotel after working one evening and saw a homeless guy a ways out sleeping on the lawn. He decided to walk back in and tell the front desk employees to try and get him off property.  

    Came back in for work the next morning and saw the same homeless guy still sleeping on the lawn, so he ran in to chew out the front desk manager about how the employees didn't do as he asked. They both walked out to get the [man] to leave, and they found the [man] was wearing a nice suit coat. 

    Turns out it was a wealthy business man who had jumped off the 12th story balcony and had just been [no longer living] there all night and half the day. Turns out no one saw him fall. 

    Sad story, actually."

  • The Freezing Bathroom

    From Redditor /u/scumbag760:

    "I used to work in a hotel in Southern California, doing security. Every night we would get a print out of what rooms were vacant. It was my job to go through all the rooms, ensure all lights are off and all windows are secure. I went into a room and found all the lights on, typical of housekeeping after they clean. I started turning the lights off from the left side of the room, around to the windows and up to the bathroom. The bathroom has French-style doors that open outward toward the room. The doors themselves have only hinges and two handles to pull them open, no other devices attached. The doors are also the very light-weight slatted wood. 

    Anyway I opened the left door out all the way so I could reach around it and turn the light off in the bathroom. After turning the light off I realized it was freezing in the room, which is not uncommon being housekeeping liked it cold when they worked on a room. I reached up for the thermostat and when my hand was within four inches of it, the left bathroom door I just opened [and] slammed shut. Terrified, I ran out of the room immediately. While pulling the door shut behind me the door deadbolt pushed itself out of the lock and it slammed into the door frame. I was petrified when I had to reach inside the door to disengage it. I stood there for a minute or two with my eyes watering, wondering WTF just happened. I decided to go back in and look to be sure of what happened. I went in and looked at the door, it was shut. I moved it around to see if it would close on it's own, which it wouldn't. I tried throwing the door to slam it and the door is so light weight it caught a lot of air and wouldn't even shut all the way after throwing it closed. As far as I could see it, there isn't any explanation for what happened. I stopped going into that room."