Graveyard Shift Law Enforcement Agents Share Their Creepiest Stories  

Christopher Shultz
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Whether a police officer, an FBI agent, or another figure in the world of law enforcement, dealing with criminals can lead to some strange, disturbing, and downright creepy experiences. Reddit users asked law enforcement to share some of their craziest tales, and many delivered in spades. Here are some highlights...
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"Dispatch gets a call from an older couple reporting there's a man standing in their backyard. It's later in the evening and obviously the older couple is freaked out a bit. Several officers show up including my friend [who is a cop] and split into two groups heading around either side of the house. As they emerge in the backyard, guns drawn, they see the suspect and promptly order him to get on the f*cking ground, face first, hands behind his head. As they draw closer he's not responding and they realize he hasn't moved at all. Rewind 2 hours, the suspect had robbed a 7-11 or something like that down the road and taken off on foot. As he entered the neighborhood he tried to cut through this older couple's backyard. When he went to hop the fence in the back he slipped and impaled himself on a fence post. He couldn't pull himself off it and his own body weight slowly drove him down the post. It had entered at his groin and went straight up to his shoulder. He was literally a human scarecrow."
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Horrendous Father

[WARNING: This story is very disturbing.]

 "I live in a fairly small town, my dad was a cop for 10 years or so, my aunt works in the ER going on 11 years now, & at the time of this story one of my best friend's brother-in-law was an EMT. They are all involved in this sick tale... 

"There was a call about a domestic dispute, then a 911 call from the same address from a woman who was just screaming & then cut off. Of course they sent all available units immediately. After a few officers had showed up, they reported the situation back & the Chief decided no female officers or EMTs should be allowed near the scene. It turned out a Hispanic man was on drugs & had a freak-out on his girlfriend, accusing her of cheating. He beat the shit out of her, broke several bones. He decided their three-month-old baby wasn't his, picked up the infant by his feet & gutted him with a box cutter. When the cops showed up he was beating on his girlfriend with a kitchen utensil while she huddled over the baby trying to shield him with her own body. They got him subdued, rushed the baby to the ER, tended to the wife in the ambulance out front, & sewed up several cuts of the man in the kitchen. The EMT tending to him was my friend's brother-in-law. The man was still high but coming down & saying a lot of disgusting things about his girlfriend, the EMT slammed his head into the refrigerator, warning him to stop talking. A sergeant was in the room, saw this & gave the EMT an approving nod. A few minutes later, the sergeant got fed up with the man's clearly unapologetic words & said "Do you hear that woman crying? She trusted you to take care of you, loved you enough to give you a son & look what you've done to them! She didn't cheat, you never let her leave the house so how could she? That little boy is your son, you could have been a father to him & raised him to be a great man, now you've taken that child's life. That woman, who loved you so much is out there weeping because she has just lost her son & her boyfriend, don't you care at all?!", the man then said that if that baby didn't want him to kill it then it should've died before it was born & that the woman deserved it because she was a "dumb bitch, cheating or not" & the sergeant shot the guy in the foot. My father witnessed all of this & later had to testify. My aunt said in the ER the baby was laying there & his intestines were literally laying next to him on the gurney, outside his body. Every single person who worked on that baby requested therapy afterward. The mom had some pretty bad internal bleeding but my aunt said the most disturbing thing was hearing her scream for her baby. She said in all her years in the ER she's never heard anyone scream like that. 

"The mom & the baby actually both lived but the baby has some serious brain damage because he didn't get enough oxygen to the brain because of a punctured lung. 

"The man is in prison, I know he got drug charges, weapons charges (unregistered guns were found in the home as well as more drugs), domestic battery, attempted murder & a few others I'm not sure of. I do know he has no possibility of parole & a long sentence but I'm not sure how long the sentence turned out to be. 

"The sergeant & EMT were both fired, that was the hearing my dad had to testify in (among other officers & EMTs)."

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Mother of the Demon

"This one time I went out on a call of a suspicious person at a house near where I was at. When I get there the guy tells me that someone knocked on his door and when he went to see who it was there was a woman standing in his driveway with some sort of child-sized doll with horns and it looked like all bloody and cut up. So he asked the woman, who was looking away from him, what she wanted. She turned around and told him 'It needs food' then started screaming at the top of her lungs and ran at him, so like a normal human being he slammed the door in her face and called the cops. I get there and there are well-defined claw marks on his door, there's also a good bit of blood, I supposed from her fingers. So I call it out and start the search on foot, I also had 2 or 3 units driving around the area to see if they can't find this chick. 

"So I'm about a block away and we get another call that the woman is back at the guy's house, but in the back yard. So I run about a block back to the guy's house and bust into his backyard. The lights are out so I have my flashlight out and I'm looking around. I see the chick huddled in the corner next to a fucking evil-looking doll thing and I ask her if she's ok. She doesn't say anything. About this time one of my mobile units came back to the house and parked his unit where the headlights were shining on her so we could see how scary this chick looked. She had long black hair, her clothes were rags, she had no shoes, clearly homeless, and she kept whispering things to the doll.  

"So my buddy and I approached and tried talking to her and she just kept whispering to the doll, couldn't understand what the hell she was saying so we decided to drag her ass out of there. The second we put hands on this chick she went berserk. Punching, kicking, slapping, all kinds of shit. So we're fighting with her trying to get her on the ground and she's not going down, this chick was strong as hell. Well, in the fight she somehow got away from us and was sitting in a crouched position with her head tilted to the side and making the creepiest growl/snarling sound I've ever heard. Then she screams at the top of her lungs and charged at us. So, my buddy straight-jabbed her in the face and knocked her clean out. We cuffed her and hauled her off to the hospital where she tested positive for PCP and various opiates. She was charged with battery of a peace officer, resisting arrest, and trespassing. 

"Later she was institutionalized for some sort of mental disorder, not sure quite what it was, my department didn't have anything more to do with her after her booking into the jail."

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The Disturbance That Wasn't

"Not my story, but a good friend of mine was the youngest recruit to pass police training etc. in the area for a long time. At 19, he was fresh onto the service. I went for a pint with him a week later and you could tell he'd 'seen things' so I asked him what it was like.  

"...he told me about this one where they were called to a domestic. They got to the house and opened the door, instantly a whole load of sewer rats (not pet rats) flooded out, and there was no one home. The lights were on, the TV was on (quiet), and the loud voices they heard arguing were just gone. The only life there were the rats that ran out of the house. They searched the house, every nook and cranny, and found no one. He and his partner for the evening stayed around a while and waited to see if anyone came home, but after a few hours no one came, the neighbours couldn't even explain it. So they left. A few minutes later they got called to the same address again by a different person stating there's a pretty heated domestic going on. This time they brought the dog squad to find people, but again, the house was deserted. He said the freakiest thing was that the toilet had blatantly just been flushed when they got there as the cistern was filling, and the kettle was now boiling. The dogs found nothing as well. To this day he doesn't know what the fuck went on."