15 People Describe Their Encounters With Unexplainable Creatures

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At some point in everyone's life, they see something they just can't explain. Maybe there's a strange light in the sky, or strange shadows with bright eyes in the darkness, or an unidentified figure in the trees that looks kind of human, but not quite.

These encounters with unexplained creatures may make you question the reality you hold so dear and question what lurks in the shadowy corners of the woods.

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    They Were Chased By A Long-Armed Creature

    From Redditor /u/screwaudi:

    When I was 13, I was on an ATV with my two older sisters, one 15 and the other 18. We were going to my grandma's, which was less than two kilometers away from my parents' place. We were traveling through our fields, but on the way, I suggested we go around the fence so we didn't have to open the gates. It was pretty much the same path, just a bit off to the side...

    As we get to the middle of the field, we all noticed something sitting on top [of] the hill we were about to climb... We slowed to a crawl because it looked human. We thought maybe a calf fell and was stuck, or maybe it was my uncle who looked after the cattle. But this thing was sitting weird, basically like how Spider-Man perches over buildings, crouched down on top [of] a rock. ... Now I want to describe this thing: It was tall, skinny, and wore no clothes. Just a body is what we could see, grayish color, and the head wasn’t shaped like a human's. It was thin and small. We were about 30 to 40 meters from this thing, [and] it was during the day, too...

    As we were sitting there trying to figure out what we were seeing, this thing slowly stood up and my heart sank. Its arms were long, grossly long. I screamed to stop and instantly jumped from the front of the ATV to the driver, replacing my sister. As we were switching, this thing started running at us, but it was running weird - its arms were swaying back and forth like normal runner, but because of how long the arms were, it looked weird. You would think it would run on the long arms, but it didn’t.

    It was running fast. I turned around and shot off straight through the field. My sisters were screaming [that] it was still coming, but I honestly could not look back at this thing, [so] I just said, "Don't look at it." We rounded the corner and that's the last we [saw of] it. After that corner, it's trails to my parents' house. As we got home, I crashed the ATV into the deck trying to get in as fast as we could.

    We were so scared, my parents actually believed us. They called all the family to warn if it was a trespasser. They said nobody [saw] anything or anyone in the fields.

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    A Tall, Gray Creature With Chains Chased Her Through The Woods

    From Redditor /u/HermesNorth:

    Last Monday, I went on a walk into the woods. I usually go all the time, whether it’s spring or winter... I’m an 18-year-old girl, I’m not very tall, and I don’t weigh much, so I’m a pretty fast runner, too. Sometimes it can get really creepy out there in the woods... My mom and grandparents (they live right down the road) always told me that if I start to feel unsafe out there, I ALWAYS need to leave. They never said why, [but] I always figured they were afraid of the coydogs, [and] it never seemed that important. I did listen to them, though.

    So Monday afternoon, maybe a bit past four o’clock, I left to go walking, I had been out there just two days before with no problems, but after walking for about half a mile, the feeling that I was being watched began... I kept walking (maybe 1/4 mile) until I came to the old logging road. It makes for a quick way around the woods, [and] it also connects to the road that my house and my grandparents' house are on. I was getting pretty tired of hiking through the snow-covered bushes and logs... I still felt like something was watching me, and just a few moments before, I could’ve swore I saw something moving around in my peripheral vision, so I decided to walk down the logging road instead.

    As I was walking down it, I heard the sound of chains rattling nearby and started looking around for them, thinking maybe it was just chains in a tree blowing in the wind... I couldn’t find any chains, and I stopped hearing it after a second... I kept walking and was getting close to my grandparents' land when I heard the chains again. I stopped walking to look around me and check to see if maybe it was something I was wearing: my jacket, my necklace, it wasn’t anything on me. I jumped around to double check and probably looked really stupid, but I knew it wasn’t me making the noise.

    I decided I’d just go to my grandparents' house and walk back using the actual road, but as soon as I starting heading into the woods, I heard something. It sounded like my footsteps had been in-time with a second pair that were maybe 10 feet away, which made no sense because there had been nothing there just a moment ago. I took another step and heard something step at the same time from behind me. I didn’t turn around, I was too afraid to. (It’s probably a good thing I didn’t.) So I acted as if I were going to take a step forward, but stopped my foot right above the snow. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. Behind me, whatever there was there stepped down. I heard the snow crunch, then it moved forward again quickly. It must’ve known I’d figured out it was there. 

    I started running towards my grandparents' land and whatever was behind me followed. It sounded human-ish, and the sound of the chains started up again when it started chasing me. The thing definitely had only two legs and it sounded pretty big. There [are] a lot of thorn bushes, small trees, and [other] things that stay around all year, even in the winter. While I ran around/between them as best I could, it was just going right through them. I glanced behind me for a second and all I saw was a REALLY tall, grey, humanoid blur before I looked back in front of me.

    [The] final stretch was TERRIFYING. I could hear heavy breathing and chains rattling just a few feet behind me the entire time, and it sounded like it was almost growling. My grandparents' dog (a very big malamute-mastiff mix) was up in the yard near the house and started barking, but he didn’t run towards me - he just stayed by the house barking, then he ran with me to the house when I got close to him. I ran up to the door and went inside (the dog came in right beside me, don’t worry) and slammed the door shut. I didn’t hear anything and looked out the window, but there wasn’t anything there. The dog was leaning on me and shaking...

    My grandfather came to the door from upstairs after just a few seconds, and I started crying and told him everything... He became very serious and told me, “Don’t think about it, just forget it ever happened.” I tried to ask him why, but he refused to tell me anything... I tried asking my grandmother, too, but she didn’t say anything and changed the subject.

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    A Four-Legged Man Ran As Fast As Their Truck

    From Redditor /u/wordblender:

    So, this happened to my son when he was 17 years old. We lived in New Mexico at the time. My son (Cody) was riding along with his friends Drew and Alex. They were in Drew's truck, and Drew was driving. It was night, and they were heading to Drew's house. Drew lived out in the country, so the road they were on was isolated and surrounded by desert. In fact, that whole area is flat and mostly dirt.

    As they're driving along, they see a man standing in the middle of the road. Drew slows down, and they all expect the guy to move off to the side. The guy doesn't move. He just stands there. Drew slows to a stop. The guy is standing just outside the light from the headlights. He's wearing jeans and some sort of long-sleeve shirt. They couldn't make out the features of the guy's face, but they could tell he was facing them.

    Nobody moves for a few seconds. The kids start to talk about going around him but aren't sure if they should pass by this guy or turn around and go another way. Suddenly, the guy drops to all fours and starts running towards the truck. All the kids start screaming, Drew slams the truck into reverse and floors it. Now they're going backwards on this dark country road, and this guy is chasing them on all fours. And he's keeping up with the truck.

    Drew goes faster, and finally the guy drops out of sight. Drew turns the truck around, and they all came back to our house. I was in the living room when they came running in, slammed and locked the door, and went tearing up the stairs to Cody's room. I went up to see what was going on, and this is when they told me the story. I've never seen them so pale and frightened. They were completely freaked out.

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    Two Black-Eyed Children Asked To Enter His House

    From Redditor /u/PM_ME_CRYPTIDS:

    I was born and raised in the plains of Texas, specifically in an area where black-eyed kid sightings are prevalent. I had heard the stories, tales, legends, whatever you want to call them since I was a young man but never truly believed them. The black-eyed kids [were] mainly something I entertained as a joke or something to get a rise out of people. This changed in the summer of 2009. It was a warm night in June. I was up late, around 2 am, as I typically liked to stay up late, especially in the summer, since it would stay fairly warm even after the sun went down.

    I had just run up to the store to grab a big fountain drink and was returning into my house through the back door when I was approached by two children, a boy and a girl. I was very startled once I realized they were there, since I wasn't expecting to encounter anyone in my backyard so late at night. The little boy asked, "Could we come in? We need to use the phone, we are lost." This is when I noticed the blackness of their eyes: Both of them had eyes so black, they were like pits. This is also when my heart sank. I couldn't believe I was actually seeing them. That they were there right in front of me.

    As I mentioned before, I had heard the legends of the black-eyed children most of my life, so there was no way I was going to let them in my house. I darted in the back door and locked it as quickly as I could. Once I was inside, I ran upstairs and flipped on the lights to try and see if they were still outside. Thankfully by then, they were gone. I had so much adrenaline pumping by that point, though, that I grabbed a weapon and began searching the house and making sure all doors and windows were locked.

    It took me hours to get to sleep that night, and it's an encounter that will stay with me for the rest of my life. These entities took the form of something most people view as innocent, weak, [and] mild and try to trick unsuspecting people to do God knows what with or to them. I am just glad my reflexes kicked in and I was able to live to tell the tale.

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    A Large, Hairless Creature Stalked His House

    From former Redditor /u/Hyge7071:

    [One] morning, I was outside with a cup of tea just before dawn. I was thumbing a bowl of tobacco in my pipe when I heard a shuffling toward the pine trees at the edge of my property. The back of my house faces the edge of a thick lot of short pine trees, and I see critters run in and out of it all the time, so I assumed the noise was an armadillo or something. But when I looked up, I saw what looked like an obese woman with sagging breasts, but her head was kind of like an odd lump on the shoulders. Very small and without hair or features like a typical head.

    I immediately knew it wasn’t an animal of any sort, and I set my things down on the patio table and called out to her. There was just enough light from the floodlights on my house to see a large bare bottom turn and run away. I could very easily hear the thumping sounds of feet in the pines.

    [A few days later, I] stepped out back with a glass of wine to have a before-bed smoke. I turned the back lights on and stepped out, and I immediately saw the fat woman again. This time I could see her much better. When the dim light hit her body, she moved like a dog would if it had suffered an injury. It was a natural lope for an animal, but not for a human.

    I could see her face this time, but it looked like she didn’t have a nose, and her head was entirely too small for her large body. She loped into the pines again, but this time I ran towards her as fast as my legs could carry me. I have very little cartilage left in my knees, so it wasn’t very fast. I heard her shuffling away into the pines just as I reached the tree line.

    Just before dawn, I’d almost fallen asleep when [my cat] began growling loudly ... and slapping at the small window. I turned on the lamp and got a full glimpse of the half face of the large woman. I knew it was her immediately. Her face has holes where a nose should be and swollen lips. Her eyes were dark brown all over and not like normal eyes. I got up and yelled [while] pointing my [piece] at her, and she turned and ran.

    [Through the window,] I saw her scramble away ... then [I] went to the patio door and turned the lights on so I could see better... The mass of her body [was swinging] as she ran toward the pines. I opened the door and fired two shots toward the top of the pines. I had no desire to harm her, but I wanted to put the fear in her that I was armed and done playing around. I’m not a young man and I live alone, but with a faithful cat and several guns.

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    An 8-Foot-Tall Figure Cornered Them In The Woods

    From Redditor /u/John_Thena:

    I used to not believe that there was unknown stuff in the woods... After this happened, I know there is something unknown out there.

    I had just bought my first rifle ... and bought a 60-round drum magazine... Reading up on the drum, I read they were amazing and rarely had any issues at all (this will [be] important later). A few days after I got it, I finally decided to take it out for a test drive...

    Kentucky is super wooded. Three fourths of the land I lived on was just thick woods. There was a main path for driving our gator and few small paths our cows had made in the woods. I decided to walk along our creek that had a small path half cleared our by our cows. At the end of the path is a big field our cows graze in... As soon as I crossed the fence to go to the field, I instantly felt like I was being watched, closely. I brushed it off because I’ve walked back there a thousand times before and never been bothered by anything.

    ...The walk to the field along the creek is a very short walk, maybe two minutes at a slow pace. The further I walked, the more intense the feeling got, like I was getting closer to whatever was watching me. About half way there, the feeling got so intense, I couldn’t ignore it anymore. The drum magazine I had with me was unloaded, so I stopped and started loading it. I only brought 20 rounds with me because I was just going to sight in my [piece] and 20 should’ve been plenty.

    ...The EXACT moment I started putting rounds in the drum, I smelled something dead, like it had been dead for a while and rotting in the sun. I started looking around, and right behind me was what was left of a possum... It was almost like it was placed there for me to find. The only thing was it looked like it had been dead maybe a day at most, and what I was smelling seemed like it was far more decomposed. This obviously didn’t [sit] well with me, so I double-timed it on the magazine loading. I guess I should’ve taken the [possum] as a last chance to turn around...

    I was almost to the field when I saw it. I was at the end of the creek and the feeling of being watched was unbearable. Just as I was near the end of the creek and the edge of the woods, I heard a splash in the water... Walking down the creek away from me was something I will NEVER forget. At least eight feet tall, probably taller. VERY skinny. Imagine a grown man that weighs 120 pounds. Now stretch him out to be eight feet tall, but his body width stays the same. Very long arms and it walked on two legs. Skin stretched tightly across its body. It made no noise (aside from the splash when it stepped in the creek) while it walked. It also had a very weird walk, almost like a waddle, but taking large steps. But that could’ve been because it was on a muddy creek bank. It was also a light brown color, almost like the color of a deer...

    ...I press the bolt release ... to chamber a round just in case this monstrous thing decides to attack (I did not intend on striking first). The round gets stuck somehow and doesn’t even budge out of the magazine. I had never used that magazine before, so it didn’t fail from heavy use... My only guess is that thing had something to do with it. The magazine never worked right again, and I had to return it... The thing books it out of there without running or making a noise. I had just long enough exposure to it to get the details I provided about it.

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