Graveyard Shift Twins Share Inexplicable Stories Of Their Supernatural Connections In Action  

Erin Wisti
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Stories of connections between twins are common, and people believe twins share what is called "twin telepathy." They may often feel the same physical sensations or predict events in one another's lives, leading to stories of connections between twins. In these creepy twin stories, siblings share moments of connection that defy explanation. Even parents recall moments when their twins made inexplicable connections with each other, so these lucky parents can truly say their pride and joys are "gifted."

In the twin tales collected below, these siblings made predictions together that came true, and a few managed to sense one another's mental or physical pain. Some spoke in languages only understandable by them, while others witnessed supernatural beings only they could see, much to the horror of one mother. These spooky twin stories, pulled from Reddit, will leave you wondering what, exactly, lies underneath the bond between twins. 

Twin Feels Her Sister's Car Accident

From pussycatsglore:

"My grandmother was a twin. She swore she did have twin telepathy, although she didn't like her twin much so it wasn't something she wanted. The biggest example I can give is the day her twin got into a car accident.

I was with my grandma that day. We were school shopping at the mall. I was babbling about some shirt or something I wanted, whatever 13-year-old girls babble about, and I looked at my grandma and her face was white. I asked her if she was okay, the look on her face scared me.

She said we had to leave right now, even though we weren't done shopping. As soon as my grandmother got home, she called her twin. Her twin wasn't home. About an hour later she got a call from her twin's husband and her twin had been in a car accident. It was pretty bad and they weren't sure she was going to make it.

My grandma swore she felt the impact, but just didn't know what was wrong, but she knew it was something to do with her twin. My grandma has since passed away, but her twin is still alive. Seeing her identical twin at my grandmothers funeral was a surreal experience."

Twins Predict Disappearence

From Em__Blem:

"This is a story my mam has told me, as my twin and I were too young at the time to remember. When my twin sister and I were really little (maybe three or four), we were walking to nursery school with our mom one day, each holding one of her hands. We would take turns talking to her when we walked like this as we couldn't hear one another. 

We were friends with another pair of twins, both boys, and would regularly go to their house to play while our moms would talk over coffee. This particular day, on the way to nursery, I had asked my mom what was wrong with the boys' father. She replied that nothing was wrong, and why was I asking. I said no reason. Immediately afterwards, my twin sister asked the same thing. My mom thought it strange, but just a typically strange twin moment.

At nursery, the twin boys and their mom weren't there on this particular day. When my mom got home after dropping us off, she called their house. Apparently the boys' father had gone missing in the night, and hadn't returned home."

Woman Sees Twin's Ghost The Day He Died

From Sweetragnarok:

"Both sides of my family have twins, my mom's family having a high success rate of twins or triplets and my mom has a fraternal twin whom she was close to who joined the army.

The night before he was about to go back home to his wife and family, a general asked him to accompany him for a ride. It turned out the locals planned an ambush and my uncle was killed shot in the back of the head by militants. Mom won't elaborate, but suggestion says it was execution style.

The same day my uncle died, my mom was fixing something in the kitchen when the glass she was holding shattered. It left only the rim intact. Looking up, she saw her brother at the corner of the room. She later got the call that her brother was dead."

Twins Predict Motorcycle Accident

From Teddy_thatsmyname:

"When I was nine, my identical twin sister and I were sitting on our front lawn right by the road pitching acorns across into our neighbors yard. We saw a motorcycle coming down the road from very far away and we both looked at each other and said, 'It's going to crash.' There was no reason for us to think this, but for some reason we were both positive of this fact.

We raced onto the porch and grabbed the telephone so we could call for help. Just as we came back out, the motorcycle crashed in the exact spot we had been sitting. We would have been killed had we stayed there. The guy on the bike was okay and was able to drive away. Still, I can't explain this weird shared premonition."