The Creepiest Teacher-Student Relationships On TV, Ranked By How Little Repercussions They Faced

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Vote up the weirdest teacher-student relationships that you can't believe were approved for television.

For every good fictional teacher in a TV show, there is a creeper who is ready and willing to cross the line to date underage students. Inappropriate teacher-student relationships on TV are a well-utilized dramatic trope that appear on the best teen drama shows. These messed-up relationships are portrayed on TV in a very romanticized fashion, and usually end up with teachers who get away with underage dating. It's truly strange how rare it is for a show to address the legitimate ethical problems with these kinds of inappropriate relationships.

Are you having a hard time recalling some gross teacher-student relationships? Well, refresh your memory and realize the horror that haunts teen dramas. Here are some of the creepiest teacher-student relationships that are portrayed in an unrealistic and happy light. Vote up the teacher-student couples that makes you sick to your stomach.