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The Creepiest Teacher-Student Relationships On TV, Ranked By How Little Repercussions They Faced

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For every good fictional teacher in a TV show, there is a creeper who is ready and willing to cross the line to date underage students. Inappropriate teacher-student relationships on TV are a well-utilized dramatic trope that appear on the best teen drama shows. These messed-up relationships are portrayed on TV in a very romanticized fashion, and usually end up with teachers who get away with underage dating. It's truly strange how rare it is for a show to address the legitimate ethical problems with these kinds of inappropriate relationships.

Are you having a hard time recalling some gross teacher-student relationships? Well, refresh your memory and realize the horror that haunts teen dramas. Here are some of the creepiest teacher-student relationships that are portrayed in an unrealistic and happy light. Vote up the teacher-student couples that makes you sick to your stomach. 

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    Susan & Mr. Rooks From Veronica Mars

    Photo: The CW

    Age Difference: ~10 years. 

    How They Got Together: Viewers learn about Susan Knight and Mr. Chuck Rooks's off-screen affair when the teacher is accused of having a relationship with another student, Carrie Bishop. 

    How It Ended: When Veronica and others learn that not only had Rooks and Susan had a secret affair together, but that he had also gotten her pregnant, Rooks is forced to quit his job. 

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    Bridget & Mr. Donellen From Ray Donovan

    Photo: Showtime

    Age Difference: ~20 years. 

    How They Got Together: Mr. Donellen is one of Bridget's teachers, who she becomes attracted to. They eventually begin an illegal, intimate, and drug-riddled affair.

    How It Ended: Their relationship ends when Bridget's father, Ray, finds out about them and proceeds to beat Donellen within an inch of his life. Can't really blame the guy. 

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    Tamara & Pacey From Dawson's Creek

    Photo: The CW

    Age Difference: 20+ years. 

    How They Got Together: Pacey has his sights set on Ms. Tamara Jacobs from the moment Dawson's Creek begins. It only takes a few episodes before he finally goes to bed with her. 

    How It Ended: Their affair ends when people discover their secret fling and Ms. Jacobs is fired from her teaching job. She quickly leaves town, severing ties with Pacey. 

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    Archie & Ms. Grundy From Riverdale

    Photo: The CW

    Age Difference: ~10 years. 

    How They Got Together: After getting the hots for Archie over the summer, Ms. Geraldine Grundy soon begins a passionate and illicit affair with the high school star that continues into the subsequent school year. 

    How It Ended: When some of Archie's friends' parents become aware of the affair, Ms. Grundy is forced to quit her position at Riverdale High School and leave town forever.

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