People Who Work With Surveillance Cameras Describe The Creepiest Unexplained Things They've Seen

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You thought working at night was hard enough. Imagine working at night and having to watch creepy surveillance videos as well. Who knows what might pop up? The horrors are truly endless. Some people complain about occasionally seeing strange things on their baby monitors. But how must security guards feel? They witness inexplicable things on camera all the time, but they can't even abandon their posts. If something scary happens, they're stuck.

Security guards aren't the only ones who see weird things on film, though. House sitters have reported incredibly disturbing camera findings and so have unsuspecting store associates. There is a way to stop all of this strange surveillance camera footage, though. We've got to become less curious about the world around us.

If we can't see the strange creatures on our security cams, then surely they don't exist. The people of Reddit would do well to remember that.

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    A Doctor Gave Directions To A Ghost

    From Redditor /u/DrBasia:

    "Work as a doctor in a hospital in the UK, was on a night shift that was particularly quiet and some of the nurses were sitting around telling this story:

    A young doctor was running to a crash call. Our hospital is a giant L shape, with the front entrance being at the bend. A woman stopped him and asked him which way the exit was. He directed her and kept running. When he got to the patient, it was the woman who asked him for directions. She died.

    Apparently it got caught on the CCTV — that that doctor stopped mid-running down the hallway, and gestured toward the exit while saying something to no one in particular."

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    Someone Rotated The Security Camera But Then Disappeared From The Recording

    From Redditor /u/Chouston3:

    "I was house sitting in a huge house and set up a canary camera near my bedroom. I had an uneasy feeling someone else was in the house with me so I set up the camera just to make sure no one came near my room. In the middle of the night someone approached it from behind and turned it so it faced a blank wall. Then a few minutes later turned it back the way it was before. It tripped the canary and I got a notification on my phone. I saw it and searched the house thoroughly the next morning and never found anything. Needless to say, I slept with my door locked the rest of my time there."

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    The Mystery Of The Swinging Door

    From Redditor /u/LilithImmaculate

    "Used to work hospital security and we had video cameras accessible in the office.

    During body escorts, we kept finding the morgue door open. That was weird because it was a heavy door that could only be opened with a keycard. Pathologists were blaming security and security was blaming pathologists for leaving it open, as we were the only two groups with access. I did a body escort one day, made sure to close the door behind me and went back to work. Not even a half hour later, the office got a call bitching that the 'last guard left the door open.'

    I swore up and down I didn't and went to check the cameras. The cameras showed me pulling the door shut, pushing on it and then wiggling the locked handle to ensure it was closed. I wasn't even out of frame from the camera yet before we could see the door swing ALL the way open, hit the wall and then slowly swing shut until it was slightly ajar."

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    A Mysterious Face Peered Through The Window

    From Redditor /u/sandersdc

    "I used to work at a jail. One night I was working cameras and I was just flipping through the screens and we had a camera facing the inside of the door to the solitary hallway and one facing the outside door. The door had a little one foot square window at about face level. The buzzer to open the door went off so I checked them to see who it was that I needed to let in and I could see a face in the window looking through from the inside but in the other camera there wasn't anybody there. It gave me chills and I never wanted to work that section again."

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    Frozen Stiff, Frozen Footage

    From Redditor /u/trudenter

    "I used to work at a place which required to be manned 24 hours a day. Reason being is that I handled sensitive documents/files and if somebody needed this information in the middle of the night I would have to fetch it for them (or confirm that I have it). Anyways, security is kind of tight. Bars on windows, multiple locked doors to get to where I am. They would give me work to do during the night, but underestimated how quickly I could get it done. So like most nights, i finished my work in like 30 to 45 minutes and pulled out my phone and played games / Netflix/ browse Reddit (since nobody else is in the building at night).

    So now it is getting to be the last third of my shift when all of the sudden I hear a door close. I look to the security camera and see someone walking down a hall towards my room. At first I thought it was just somebody that came in (ridiculously) early, so I turn around and wait for them to come in. But nobody came in, and the hairs start rising on my back. Now, this isn't a really big building so I figure I'll find the guy wherever he is and start checking offices and storage rooms but come up empty handed, however i do see that a fire door had shut. I go to try and rewind the camera, but the digital recording is password protected and i don't know the password. Anyways the whole thing freaked me out, the way the person was walking down the hallway, like a determined walk right to where I was.

    So, I sit with my spine tingling for the last couple hours of my shift and finally people start coming in, my replacement shows up and I tell her what I saw and at this point I figured I must have imagined the whole thing. I'm told to go home and the manager and girl who replaced me would look over the camera. After getting home I call my manager and ask what was on the camera. So they said that the video showed the fire door closing but then the video froze for about an hour, the next thing it records is me reopening the door."

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    A Strange Man Was Butchering Small Animals

    From Redditor /u/Junkyard_Pete

    "About a year ago there would be a dead animal every few days in someone's yard or on the street, nothing too gory. Eventually someone's cat went missing. Living in a small, rural town we all figured that it was probably coyote, fisher or some kind of wild animal.

    Wanting to catch the thing, my stepdad set up a camera attached house and just above the gate to our backyard. After a few days of nothing but rabbits and rodents, we caught a blurry man walking to our gate.

    With our detective skills we had decided to check the front of the fence to see if the guy had messed with the lock or had done something to the fence itself. Upon inspecting the fence we found a little, bloody dead bird with a rope around its neck hanging from the handle."

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