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11 Nightmare-Inducing Talking Toys No Child Should Own

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There certainly isn’t a lack of creepy talking toys out there. They got their start back in 1877 and have been nightmare fuel ever since. The horror genre has been filled with inanimate objects that spur to life with nothing but murder on their minds. Child's Play, The Twilight Zone, and even shows and books marketed towards children broach the subject of nightmare toys like the famous "Slappy the Dummy" from Goosebumps and the “The Haunting Hour” episode about the evil "Really You" doll.

The eeriest talking toys are those that are unintentionally scary, the ones that are meant to thrill and delight but instead induce the chilling feeling that there’s something sinister behind those plastic eyes. This list is a collection of scary toys for kids that would give even a full-grown man a serious case of the heebee jeebees.

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    Jill The Talking Doll Just Wanted To Be Like You

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    Jill can move her head from side to side and blink, and she can’t seem to stop awkwardly moving her arms around. She boasts her ability to “really listen” and analyze what you’re saying so she can answer back relevantly and be “a lot like you.”

    This is likely because she’s secretly monitoring your every sound, movement, and daily habit, which will enable the evil spirit inside her to swap bodies with you and take over your life without anyone noticing a change in your behavior.

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    Amazing Amanda, Whose Voice Recognition Borders On The Demonic

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    Amazing Amanda can do more than simply talk. In fact, her commercial conveniently leaves out her even creepier capabilities, like the doll's apparent voice recognition technology and the fact that she doesn’t like rejection and will call you out, "gently admonishing" you for not hugging her, or forgetting to say “I love you,” or feeding her peas when she asked for cookie.

    Unless of course, Amanda isn't actually that amazing, and it’s all really the work of Satan.

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    Telephone Tammy Inspired Terrifying Urban Legends

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    Telephone Tammy is how that urban legend about the babysitter and the man upstairs originated. You know, the one where the babysitter keeps getting creepy calls asking her to “check on the children.” The one where she has the police trace the call only to find out it’s coming from inside the house.

    In the real version, there is no man upstairs, it’s a blood-soaked Telephone Tammy doll.

    And yes, that is Mila Kunis starring in the commercial.   

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    Chatty Cathy Inspired An Episode Of The Twilight Zone

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    Chatty Cathy came out in the 1960s and was the inspiration for the Twilight Zone episode “The Living Doll.” As if the sound of a grown woman’s voice coming from the motionless face of Chatty Cathy wasn’t creepy enough, the actress June Foray, who did the voiceover for the demonic doll "Talky Tina" in the show, also did the voice of the real Chatty Cathy doll. The original Cathy was only available between 1959 and 1965.

    However, the doll was remade in 1970 using the voice of Brady Bunch star Maureen McCormick instead.

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